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    Private Times

    “I want to enjoy our alone time.” Lena said as she slowly drank her wine.

    “I want that too.” Stef grinned, looking down at Lena’s amazing cleavage which hadn’t changed since she’d given birth to Charlie.

    “I’m just…well…” Lena stopped her fingers slowly playing with Stef’s blonde locks. Stef put her wine down onto the coffee table and looked at her wife.

    “What love? Please talk to me.”

    “What if you don’t want me?” Lena asked, looking down at her hands.

    “Have I made you feel like I don’t want you.” Stef asked, her hand going to her wife’s face so that Lena couldn’t look down. Stef wanted her to look at her. Lena looked up.

    “No, babe, you’ve been so loving. I love you. it’s just…well…”

    “It’s just us here babe,” Stef smiled. Lena looked deep into her wife’s eyes. Eyes she’d spent years getting lost into.

    “I’m not the same as I was before I had Charlie.”

    “No, you’re boobs are being, but that’s about it.”

    “I’ve got a scar…”

    “Where he came into the world. I know I was there remember. Lena listen to me love please.”

    “Okay.” Lena said nodding.

    “I’ve seen you in the shower, in your stuff for the gym and getting dressed. you’re sexier than ever. I love you. you’re sexy, kind, you’ve got lovely hair, sexy boobs and…” Stef whispered into her ear. “a pussy I love to eat, that I’ve not been able to do for eight months. Please let me.”  Lena was blushing something that only Stef could do to her. she got up and took Stef’s hand picking up the bottle of wine as Stef got both glasses. They went into the bedroom. Stef put the glasses down and removed her blazer, throwing it onto the chair as Lena sat on the edge of the bed. looking at her wife. Stef walked over, taking Lena’s face into her hands and kissing her slowly. Passionately. Lena started to pull Stef’s shirt out of her jeans. Her hands finding Stef’s soft back. she gently ran her fingers along Stef pulled away,  looking into each other eyes. Resting their foreheads together. Lena’s fingers moved around and started to undo Stef’s shirt. Stef let her smiling. Once the shirt was open Stef pushed Lena’s blazer off. She gently pulled her up and undressed her wife. Laying her onto the bed. Lena was trying to cover Stef watched her as she stripped before laying on the bed beside Lena. she ran her fingers along Lena’s C-section scar. They gently kissed. Stef slowly ran his fingers down and gently rubbed Lena’s clit. They didn’t break the kiss as Stef slipped two fingers into her wife. Gently and slowly she made love to her. holding onto her. Lena pulled away from the kiss gasping for ear. Needing to feel it. slowly they moved together. Lena holding onto Stef. Looking deep into her eyes.

    “I love you” Stef whispered as Lena came. Holding onto Stef’s hair. Her body shaking. Stef pulled out of her slowly. Looking at her grinning.

    “I love…you too babe.” Lena said, her breaths coming in gasps. Stef kissed her forehead.

    “Would you like a bath?”

    “I’d love one, how big is the tub.”

    “I duno love. I’ve not seen it yet.” Stef grinned.

    “Why not? In every hotel room we’ve ever stayed in Stef you explored, found all the free stuff and pocketed most of it by now.” Lena said, “You’re slacking.”

    “Me. I’ve just made love to my wife, made sure she feels amazing. if you’d rather I’d have searched the hotel room then I’m sorry.” Stef said, rolling over and seeing there were free towel robes. She put one on. “What you think?”

    “Nice. Now please check out the tub. Is it big enough for two.” Lena said, looking at her wife, grinning as Stef threw the other robe at her.

    “I’m guessing in a suite this side the tub is gonna be massive and we could fit us and all six of our kids in.” Stef laughed.

    “That’s not what I wanna do Stef, I want so share a bath with you.”

    “I’m sure that can be arrange once I’ve found all the free stuff.” She winked at her wife. Making Lena grin at her. a reaction she had every single time. Stef moved into the bathroom before yelping in happiness at all the free stuff as Lena followed her laughing that her wife was really just a child inside.

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