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    Saturday Afternoon

    Jesus jumped the curb on his board flipping it and landing perfectly safely. Lena sat on the front steps of their house watching her 10 year old son doing tricks. On their lawn Lexi and Mariana were making friendship bracelets and giggling together. Brandon was chasing after Jesus on his bike. She loved watching her children. In two years the twins had become a big part of their lives. They were now in the process of adopting them. Stef was on shift today, but she should be home shortly. There were drinks and snacks out on the lawn as well. Lena was drinking a glass of apple juice. Mariana got up and looked at the woman she now saw as her Mom.


    “Yes sweetie?” Lena said giving Mariana her attention.

    “I’ve made you a Mama bracelet.”

    “Wow for me?” Lena said, smiling at her daughter, who was growing into an amazing girl. she had finally settled down.

    “Yes, because you’re an amazing Mama.”

    “I love you sweetie.” Lena said, as Mariana tied it onto her left wrist.

    “I love you too Mama.”

    “Are you making one for Mom.”

    “Yeh but I did yours first.” Mariana said. Lena smiled and then kissed her daughter. Mariana skipped down back to Lexi.

    “Mama are you watching?” Jesus yelled.

    “Yes son and please don’t yell.”

    “Okay.” Jesus did another trick.

    “that’s great Jesus.” She said as she saw Stef’s SUV coming along the road she was glad that her woman was home. She watched as all the kids stopped while their Mom pulled the car into the drive but starting up again, with Jesus and Brandon racing each other. Stef got out of the car in full uniform and smiled that her family were out and about in the sun. she gripped her rucksack that she took to work everyday as she was closing the door she felt two little arms wrap around her middle. She smiled and turned. She kissed the top of Mariana’s head. she was shorter than her brother and she knew she was going to be a smaller person.

    “Hey Miss thing how are you?”

    “I’m good Mom I’m making friendship bracelets with Lexi.”

    “Wow, with the kit Mama got you  for your birthday.”

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