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    She Said You’re Going To Pay

    Stef got home pulling her car into the drive way, behind Lena’s. she knew her partner was angry with her. Stef hadn’t enjoyed the dinner with Lena’s ex. She walked into the house and into the kitchen where Lena was slamming things around.

    “I’m sorry.” Stef said slowly, Lena looked at her. standing holding her police shirt.

    “You both ganged up on me. you’re supposed to be on my side. She’s  my ex Stef you’re my domestic partner.” Lena watched as Stef threw her shirt onto the counter. Stef walked towards her.

    “I’m sorry you felt that way.”

    “Gretchen acts like she knows me Stef, but she doesn’t okay. you do. Yet you still let her go on and on, and then you invited her to dinner tomorrow,” Stef bowed her head as Lena yelled at her.

    “I know I’m sorry, as I’ve said she bought us a very expensive meal. I felt like we had to pay her back.”

    “Why don’t you just sleep with her?” Lena said, slamming her hand onto table. Stef looked at Lena completely shocked

    “How can you say something like that?” Stef asked

    “Well the way she was looking at you, you may as well have jumped into bed with her.”

    “Lena, I’ve never wanted to sleep with any other woman than you since I’ve meet you, why because you ex turns up would you suddenly say that I’d rather be with her.”

    “Gretchen has that affect on women.”

    “I know she cheated on you Lena but in ten years I’ve not and won’t I love you too  much babe.” Stef walked forward taking Lena into her arms, Lena looked into Stef’s eyes.

    “I am so sorry.” Lena whispered. “she gets to me. I shouldn’t have said that.”

    “No you shouldn’t.” Stef smiled before kissing her softly on the lips. Lena tried to pull back but Stef pulled her into a another kiss, as they moved back into the kitchen nook. Lena fell back onto the cushions. She knew the kids where all sleeping she’d checked on them all. Stef fell on top of her. both of them kissing passionately. Stef falling between Lena’s open legs. Lena’s dress riding up, Stef moved kissing her neck, as her hand went up Lena’s dress. Pushing her panties to one side. She pushed two fingers deep into her. Lena moved, looking into Stef’s eyes.

    “I love you,” Stef whispered. as she made love to her woman, kissing her. Lena moved her own hands and as Stef made love to her she opened Stef’s police issue trousers, slipping her own hand into Stef’s pants and panties, slowly making love to each other. There in the kitchen nook, not caring just needing to feel each other.

    “I love you too baby,” Lena said slowly.

    “together love.” Stef managed, both of them breathing hard. Lena smiled. They moved together, both hitting that spot. They knew each other so well. Then it hit. They both came hard, looking into each others eyes. Holding on to each other. Stef kissed Lena’s nose.

    “You are the love of my life Lena Adams, I don’t want anyone else okay?”

    “I think, think you proved that, sorry for what I said.”

    “Good now upstairs woman.” Stef laughed. As she got off her, she held her trousers up and ran after Lena who giggled, trying not to wake the children. As they slammed the bedroom door and undressed. Knowing what the night would hold.

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