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    Stef walked into the house in full uniform it had been a long day. As she closed the front door her three year old son came running at her. he was the mirror image of Lena. he had a massive of hair and her mocha skin. He is wearing baggy jeans and a Padres t-shirt.

    “MOMMMMMMMYYYY” He said jumping in her arms. Lucky Stef managed to put her bag down next to the table before her three years old jumped into her arms.

    “Hey little buddy.”

    “Mommy love you.” He said rubbing his nose against hers. it was their little thing. She’d been doing it since the day he was born. He had fallen completely in love with this baby when she’d seen the ultrasound photo. Lena had included her so much the second time they had decided to try.

    “I love you too, have you been good today?”  she said, as she walked back into the kitchen were the rest of her kids where doing their homework and Lena was cooking. Stef walked around kissing each of her babies. “Hey babies.” Everyone said hey back as Stef kissed Lena and their son giggled.

    “I good today wasn’t I Mama?”

    “You were.” Lena said smiling at him. Stef put him down and hugged her wife as he ran to his toys in the kitchen nook. Stef watched him smiling.

    “Hey you,” Stef said, kissing her again.

    “Hey, how are you?”

    “I’m good, you?”

    “I’m good, why don’t you go and get changed before Charlie wants you to play with him.”

    “Good plan.” She smiled before Stef walked upstairs. Locking her gun up as she was getting changed her heard the tiny footsteps of her son. Knowing he was heading to her room. He ran in and stopped as Stef pulled on her jeans.

    “Mommy I thought you go.” He said,

    “Where did you think I’d gone love?” she asked as she changed her shirt.

    “I thought you runned away.”

    “Like I do every morning.”

    “Yeh.” Stef smiled. Her three year old son was convinced that she ran away every morning when she went to work.

    “Well I was just changing.”

    “Mama is making pasta.” He said, sticking his fingers into her mouth.

    “Charlie love take your fingers out of your mouth please.” He did as his mother ask

    “Will you play Lego with me.”

    “I will.” Stef said as she tucked her shirt into jeans and did up her belt. Before taking her son’s hand. She had a very strong bond with him and when she was home he wouldn’t leave her alone. Lena loved it. as the twins were getting ready to go off to college soon it would just be them and Jude. Callie and Brandon had both gone to college. They walked down stairs and into the kitchen, Jesus and Mariana had left the table leaving Lena helping Jude. Charlie went to his Lego as Stef filled her blue cup and filled it with coffee. She kissed and hugged Jude who smiled.

    “How are you?”

    “Good Mom, just trying to do my Math.”



    “No yelling please Charlie.” Lena said, “Otherwise time out.”

    “Sorry Mama.” He said looking sweet. Stef walked over to him and picked him up flying him around making him giggle.

    “Stef don’t.” Lena said, smiling at the happy sound of their son laughing.

    “What?” She said as she put Charlie back on his feet, he pulled her hand and before she knew it she was sat on the floor playing with him. as Lena made dinner. They were building a Lego city in the nook which had been going on since his third birthday when everyone had bought him Lego City items. It was his time with Stef. Sat between her crossed legs a they built stuff together. Lena looked over and grinned. She always loved this side of her wife. Enjoying the time she spent with Charlie. He was currently building a car, with a little help from Stef. Who let him sit and build and helped when he asked.

    “Do you want me to set the table Mom?” Jude asked

    “Please bud.” Lena said. She said grinning.

    “Need a hand?” Stef said from where she was sitting on the floor.

    “No babe, you stay there. Love you both.”

    “I love you.” Stef said.

    “Love my mom’s” Charlie said while still building.


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