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    Stay With Me

    I looked around the kitchen, smiling. I couldn’t help it. today I’d found out my wife is expecting our baby and Jude is now officially an Adams Foster. I just wish Callie was too. I look around, I can’t see her or Wyatt. I can hear her guitar playing. I smile. I know I’ve got to go and talk to her. I rub Lena’s back before getting up and heading outside. as I came out of the door. Wyatt was just getting up to come in. I let him move and walked out, Callie looked at me completely gutted, I could see that in her eyes.

    “I’m sorry about today.” I said,

    “It’s not your fault.” Callie said slowly

    “You’re already my daughter. You know that right?”

    “I’m fine.”

    “That’s not what I said love,”

    “I know. I’ve never had anyone fight so hard for me like you and Lena have. Not since mom.” She said slowly. I looked at her. I reach over and take her hand.

    “We love you, you’re a member of our family.” I said, we both heard the door close and I could near Lena’s heels on the wooden floor. She sat on the other side of Callie.

    “I love you both. I know I’ve messed you around. I really thought today I’d get adopted.”

    “As I said earlier,” Lena said. “We will adopt you, it’s just going to take a little longer than we expected.” Lena rubbed her back.

    “I’m so glad we came to you.” Callie said,

    “What to us dykes.” I laughed. Lena smiled.

    “I can’t believe I said that too you. I was so messed up. you’re the first foster home I’ve felt completely safe in .”

    “We’re glad you feel safe.” Lena said.

    “You’re our daughter. Jude is our son. We’ll keep on fighting for you.”  I said gently running my fingers through her hair.

    “I’m scared. I don’t know who this Quinn guy is. I feel…feel.” She stopped.

    “talk to us baby.” I said, smiling.

    “I feel like I’ve been lied too, so much. I just want some honesty.”

    “I can understand that.” Lena said.

    “You two work so hard for us. today was suppose to be mine and Jude’s day.”

    “It still is. You’re a member of this family.” I said.

    “I feel it.” She said as I looked at Lena. I winked and we moved closer.

    “Mama Sandwich.” Lena said as we hugged her. I kissed her forehead. She smiled

    “I love you both.” She whispered.

    “we love you too.” Lena said, holding her close. Knowing that right now all she needed was her family. I didn’t want to let her go. I looked up as the door opened and Jude came out.

    “Mom, Mama.” He said,

    “Yes babe.” I said as he came over. He smiled at Callie.

    “is this a private Mama sandwich or can anyone join.”

    “When it comes to you anyone can join.” I said pulling him in. Callie started laughing. I love that sound. I looked at my wife who smiled back at me. I winked at her.

    “Shall we get back to the party, I want some cake.” I said.

    “Come on then Mom.” Jude said taking my hand. I grinned as Lena and Callie followed.


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