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    Stef Turns 40

    “Erm Lena.” Lena turned in the packed function room. Smiling at their friend Jenna.


    “You do know that Stef’s dancing on a table.”

    “Stef doesn’t…” She stopped looking over at a table to see her drunk woman, dancing on the table  a bottle of beer in her hand, her hair swinging with her head as her body moved to the music. “Dance.”

    “It looks like she does.” Jenna said laughing.

    “How much has my darling woman had to drink?” Lena grinned.

    “I’m guessing a little too much.” Jenna laughed.

    “You think?” Lena grinned. Before walking over to the table. She saw the kids trying to hide and grinned. As she walked over Sharon gipped her arm.

    “I’m gonna take my grandbabies home. Their mom is embarrassing them.”

    “and herself, thanks Sharon.” Lena walked over to the table and looked up at Stef who was rocking out to Bon Jovi and didn’t care who saw.

    “Having fun up there?” Lena yelled over the dim of the music.

    “Yes thank you love.” Stef managed before moving and shaking her ass at Lena who grinned.

    “Nice butt.”

    “Yep and I’m shaking it.” Stef replied. She really was drunk. Stef hated dancing. It wasn’t a natural thing for her.

    “Yes you are. Baby you need to get down.”

    “Aww I’m shaking my butt at you and you want me to get down.” Stef said downing the last of beer and jumping off the table. She looked at Lena, wrapping her arms around her shoulders. Lena pulled her close.

    “I love you.” Lena said whispered. Stef grinned.

    “I love you too. you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. You know that don’t you.”

    “I do, you’ve been telling me for nine years babe.” Stef leant forward.

    “When I get home I’m gonna fuck you.” Lena laughed. At Stef’s words.

    “Babe you can barely stand up.”

    “I’m amazing.” Stef grins then puts her hand over her mouth. she looks around letting go of Lena she ran to the bathroom. Lena took a deep breath and then followed. She opened the bathroom door and saw Stef in a cubical vomiting.

    “Oh babe,” Lena rubbed her back.

    “sorry.” Stef said slowly. Lena smiled.

    “You’ve nothing to be sorry about babe, you only turn 40 once you may as well enjoy it.”

    “And I did.”

    “Yeh you did.” Lena grinned.

    “Thank you for tonight my love.” Stef said sitting on the floor.

    “It’s my pleasure.” Lena grins.

    “can I go home now please.” Stef sounded like a small child.

    “Sure. Come on.” Lena helped her wife up and lead her out to the car. Stef got in and put her seatbelt on and closed her eyes. Lena grinned. Reaching over she took Stef’s hand. Stef opened her eyes and looked at her baby.

    “Happy birthday my love.” Lena whispered. Stef smiled.

    “Thank you baby. I love you.”

    “I love you too.,” Stef closed her eyes again Lena started the engine glad that her amazing woman had had a wonderful time by the time they got home Stef was snoring.  Lena smiled. Before going around.

    “Stef, come on babe.” She said opening the door

    “No.” Stef said curling up.

    “No babe.” Lena reached over and slowly removed the seatbelt and then helped Stef out of the car, slamming the door. Stef is still half asleep. Lena manages to get Stef into the house. and up the stairs. Stef fell onto the bed and curled up. Lena took Stef’s boots off. Then decides to leave her in her clothes as Stef was now laying on her back. her arm thrown over her eyes snoring softly. Lena grins before changing and getting into bed. Stef moved, curling into Lena and holding her tight. Lena grinned and closed her eyes drifting off to sleep, listening to Stef’s snores.


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