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    Stef’s Birthday

    Stef and Lena slowly walked along the beach, holding hands. holding their shoes in their others hands. the soft sand under their feet. They were trying to find a spot. Lena grinned as she spotted what she’d paid for. Stef gasped when she saw a picnic set up, candles around it. she stopped and looked a her girlfriend.

    “Happy birthday Stef.” Lena smiled,

    “This is for…us?” She frowned looking shocked. She looked at Lena. she knew Lena was a massive softly. Who she was still getting to know but no one had ever done something so lovely and romantic.

    “Yes, Stef, we’re going to watch the sun set and I’m going fed you these amazing foods. Plus I’ve got your present.” Stef looked at her in total shock.

    “Wow babe, love…no one has ever…” she stopped. She didn’t know how to react.

    “You’re my girlfriend babe, for six months you’ve made my life complete, so get used to being treated like this.”

    “You’re a total romantic aren’t you?” Stef said as they moved to the blanket. Sitting down together. Stef put her flip flops to one side. Looking deep into Lena’s eyes as she passed her a glass of wine. Before passing her a small box. Stef opened it. grinning she couldn’t believe it. inside was a silver necklace with a small pendant on it.

    “Wow thank you babe.” She said slowly lifting it out of the box. Lena grinned as she moved Stef’s hair out of the way. Putting on the necklace. Before planting a kiss on the back of her neck. Slowly rubbing her shoulders before picking up a grape and placing it into Stef’s mouth.

    “You’re worth it.” Lena said slowly. Stef looked at her grinning.

    “Since you’ve come into my life, you’ve made it so much better.” Lena laughed she knew Stef wasn’t great with words sometimes. She kissed her lips.

    “Shall we eat and drink babe.”

    “Yes please.” They sat on the beach eating and drinking and watching the sun go down. Their arms locked around each other. Lena kissing Stef’s neck ever so often.

    “I love you.”  Lena whispered. Stef turned.

    “I love you too babe. This was perfect.” they got up and started to pack away their things. They went home. Well to Lena’s apartment as Stef’s mom had Brandon at hers. they walked in and dropped everything into the kitchen. Before heading into the living room. Sitting together on the sofa. Lena slowly moved towards her kissing her softly on the lips.

    “Have you had a nice birthday babe?” She asked between kisses.

    “the best.” Stef said as her hand found the soft skin of Lena’s stomach as she pushed the top up that her woman was wearing.

    “What you after?” Lena asked, looking at Stef’s hand. Watching as Stef’s pale hand moved across her toned mocha skin.

    “You naked, under me.” Stef kissed Lena slowly. “screaming my name.”

    “Oh, that can be arranged.” Lena laughed. They started kissing. Passionately. Lena pulled back standing up she stripped naked. Stef just sat there looking at Lena’s naked body. She got up and roughly took her own clothes off before pushing Lena back onto the sofa. She got between her legs, slowly pushing two fingers into Lena making her moan. She made love to her fast and hard. Making Lena scream her name. Lena came three times before she stopped. Looking deep into her eyes. Stef grinned.

    “Best birthday ever.” She laughed as Lena rolled her onto the floor. Both of them giggling as they started all over again.

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