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    Talk To Me

    Stef walked into the house to get changed. She was still pissed at Lena. she couldn’t believe that she still wasn’t talking to her openly. She knew she’d used sarcasm earlier in Lena’s office but it was the only thing she could think off. She hated that she was keeping things from her. this baby was suppose to be theirs. A life they were going to bring into the world. a baby they were raise together from birth. From the moment it was conceived it would be theirs but right now, at this very moment it felt like ti was all Lena’s. not theirs. She walked into the house and went upstairs. She’d had a text saying they had to go to Jesus wresting match as he would be wresting. She took her gun off and opened the safe as she was unloading the gun Lena walked in and closed the door. Stef looked at her as she put her clip away and before putting the gun back into his harness before putting it back into the safe. She closed the door but didn’t’ speak to Lena.

    “I’m sorry,”

    “What for?” Stef said as she took her belt off and put it onto the shelve. She took her police badge off putting it into the bedside draw. Before slowly undoing her shirt.

    “Not telling you that Timothy has offered us his sperm.” Lena said sitting on the bed and watching as Stef took her shirt off she walked back over to the closet taking out a black shirt, her cream blazer and jeans. As she sat down and removed her shoes.

    “you have a go at me when I forget to say things out loud. Babe you’ve basically decided who the father of our baby is going to be without even talking to me.” Stef said evening as she carried on getting changed. Once she was in her shirt and jeans she went into the bath room and started to take her hair out of the bun she wore for work.

    “I just think Timothy would be a good idea.”

    “I get that Lena,” Stef snapped. She’d had enough. “But maybe you should listen to me, or even talk to me.”

    “I’m sorry.” Lena said slowly. “I’m just getting caught up.”

    “I know you are. But you need to remember this is going to be our child, not just your child.  We’re in this together. We’re married. You’re my wife. We’re a team. We’ve been a team for ten years. We’ve always been in this together. I’d walk to the end of the world for you.” Stef said, “But right now I feel like I’m on my own. I feel so far out of the loop right now. I love you Lena. but it hurts when you don’t tell me things.”

    “I’m sorry,” Lena walked over to Stef and put her arms around her. holding her close. They hugged.

    “I know I need to start talking to you again.”

    “We’re in this together. please don’t forget I’m going to be our babies other parent. I’m going to be with through morning sickness, rage, hormones, labour and holding you and our baby when it arrives. It’s going to be me getting little sleep and being vomited on. I’m going to be changing diapers. Not Timothy or any other donor.” Lena looked at Stef smiling.

    “You know what,  I couldn’t think of anything I want more. You with me every step of the way. I love you so much.” They kissed.

    “Right we better get the kids together, we’ve gotta go and support our son.” Stef said, smiling. Lena smiled.

    “yeh, come on,” Lena reached out her hand and Stef took it. leaving the room together to gather the children.


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