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    That bond

    Stef held onto Lena’s hand as she started to push again. Stef’s other arm was around the top of Lena’s head making she felt save. Lena looked at her.

    “I can’t do it babe, please.” Stef looked into the eyes of her wife. The strongest person she knew and she could see that she was falling a part. She’d been in labour for well of 12 hours now and she was starting to give up.

    “Love, you are doing great,” she looked at the midwife who smiled. Stef had been the biggest support. Mainly because she knew what Lena was going through. “You’re nearly there. Our baby is nearly with us. you can do this.”

    “Ahhhh,” Lena yelled as she pushed. It took another twenty minutes but soon the room was filled with the sound of a crying baby, Lena lay her head back crying herself as Stef held her. she looked over. They hadn’t found out the gender of their baby and now s could see it. she wanted to cry. Stef slowly let go of Lena as the midwife bought the baby to her. What Stef didn’t know is Lena had asked that Stef be the first person to hold the baby.

    “Congratulations on your daughter.” Stef took the infant in her arms and the tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t help it. in her arms was her and Lena’s daughter, who had the same mocha skin and wild hair as her mother, who was currently seeing the world for the first time. Stef looked over and Lena who was smiling.

    “We got another daughter.” Stef said grinning.

    “What’s she like?” Lena asked, she was so tired and knew she had to deliver the after birth yet.

    “She’s like you perfect.” Stef whispered as she put their new born daughter into her wife’s arms. Lena looked down at her and smiled.

    “Sorry Mrs Adams Foster but we need to do the after birth” The midwife said. Lena smiled before passing their new daughter to her wife.


    Stef sat in the private room that Dana and Stuart had paid for. Lena sleeping. In her arms was the baby, the baby she’d been so unsure about. The baby that Lena had wanted so badly that she would have done anything for her. now she was here. Stef had fallen in love all over again. this time with their sixth child.

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