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    That bond

    “Hey little one. I love you.” Stef said slowly. Her little perfect daughter. A baby that Lena and her were going to love and care for. She’d never thought about having a baby with Lena but now she was here. It all changed. “You look just like your mama. You’ve got her lips and cute nose and you’re going to have her mass of hair too.” Stef said quietly. Just enjoying the fact that this child was theirs. “Plus she’s the best mama in the world. I hope you’ve got her kind heart as well.”

    “Is this a private conversation or can I join?” Lena asked. looking at them both. Stef smiled, getting up and gently placing their daughter into her wife’s arms.

    “I dressed her.” Stef grinned.

    “I can see that, all in pink.”

    “That’s the outfit that Mariana picked out if it was a girl.”

    “Well she’s a girl okay,” Lena smiled, looking at her as their daughter moved her head towards Lena’s breasts. Lena slowly opened her grown and bra and within seconds their daughter had latched on. “Oh God wow.”

    “How does it feel?”


    “I didn’t last at it.” Stef admitted watching Lena.

    “I’ll do my best.” Stef smiled, watching them. She took out her phone and took a few snaps.  “We need to name her.” Lena said, watching her.

    “We do.” Stef sat down on the bed putting her arm around Lena. who leant into her. Just as their daughter was finishing her first ever feed the door opened and in came five rather excited teenagers who had only been told that the baby had arrived. Nothing else.

    “Hey you guys.” Lena said, as the boys all tired not to look as she put her breast away and Stef took the baby.

    “It’s a girl.” Mariana said at once. Smiling when she saw the outfit.

    “She’s a girl.” Stef said smiling as she winded the baby. Who burped loudly making all the boys laugh.”

    “Wow she’s so cute.” Jude said, looking at her as Stef passed her back to Lena.

    “Thank you, how are you guys?” Lena asked.

    “We’re fine.” Callie answered as everyone nodded.

    “How are you Mama?” Jude asked,

    “I’m fine bud. Just sore. We should be coming home tomorrow.” Lena said.

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