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    The Fight

    Lena closed the front door and slowly walked back to the dinning room. Tonight and last night had been odd and uncomfortable for her and now marriage had been bought up and she was angry and from the way Stef was scrapping the plates she was too.

    “Well, that was awkward.” Lena said slowly coming down the step back into their formal dinning room.

    “No one asked her to leave.” Stef said as she carried on scraping the plates. Trying to gather her feelings together.

    “We didn’t ask her to stay,” Lena said a slight smile on her face, her ex had always been a bitch it was just now she was seeing the true extend of that. She couldn’t believe how all night she had banged on about marriage. Stef had never wanted to get married.

    “Ten years together, how is it I didn’t know you wanted to be married.” Stef said as she puts the plate down.

    “Look it’s like you said for all intense and purposes we are married.” Lena lent on the back of the chair, holding on. She watched as Stef picked up a napkin to fold it.

    “But you want a wedding and…and….and….and the whole thing Lena, its embarrassing that I didn’t know that.”  Stef was mad and Lena could see that it was building. She didn’t want that. She was hating her ex for being it up.

    “I assumed you did.” Lena said, looking at the woman she loved more than anything. She could see that Stef was hurting.

    “So all this years, you’ve…you’ve been expecting me to propose to you is that it? where you expecting some flash mob or something?” Stef was getting mad as she was starting to get sarcastic which was her way of dealing with it. Stef was getting closer to Lena.

    “Don’t be an ass,” Lena said.

    “Don’t tell me how to react Lena.” Stef demand. “just don’t.

    “Well its how you are acting.” Lena demanded. Her own anger building now. This was growing into a full row.

    “How are you expecting me to react. I’ve just found out from you flipping ex that you want to be married. She’s not seen you for over ten years and now this. fuck.”

    “Don’t curse at me Stef.” Lena yelled back “She acts like she knows me so well but it’s you I love.”

    “Yet you didn’t bother to tell me what you wanted to be married.” Stef threw the napkins onto the table. She turned away.

    “Don’t turn your back on me Stef.” Stef moved so she was facing her again.

    “Why not?” Stef said. “You’ve kept this from me for ten years.”

    “You made it clear when we first started together. You made it so clear you didn’t want to get married again.”

    “I know you keep saying that but you could have told me. god Lena. I thought being domestic partners was enough for you, for us. You didn’t think ‘oh maybe I should talk to Stef about this’ no you thought you’d let your awful ex tell me.” Stef slammed her hand onto to the table, breaking a glass as her hand went into it. cutting the skin. “fucking shit.” She cursed. Lena gripped a napkin at once.

    “Stef.” She wrapped the napkin around her hand.

    “Sorry,” Stef whispered as the pain hit. They went into the kitchen to clean it.

    “I’m sorry. I should have talked to you I know.”

    “I shouldn’t get so angry.” Stef said slowly.

    “You have a right to get angry.” Lena cleaned the cut up. “ you know I should have said something. She’s always been like that.”

    “What did you see in her?” Stef said,

    “Do you want the honest answer?” Lena said trying to make Stef laugh.


    “the sex was good.” Lena said making Stef laugh. Before kissing Lena on the lips, slowly. “Our sex though…”

    “Finish that sentence Adams.” Stef laughed. As Lena put a band aid onto her hand

    “Our sex Foster, is the best I’ve ever had because it always is better with the person you love more than anything else. You know that, a wedding doesn’t change that. I don’t need a piece of paper to prove that you’re my forever.” Lena said softly. Stef smiled before kissing Lena slowly, pulling Lena to her as they kissed. They knew then that they were being watched. They broke apart and looked at Mariana standing in the doorway

    “Can I talk to you?” Mariana said and they knew at once that something was wrong.


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