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    The Game Is On

    I came home from work, a little later than normal as I’d had a meeting with the parent board about next years budget and the house seemed a little too quite. With five teenagers and my wife there is never a truly quiet moment in our house. if you meet my wife you’d understand. As I put my bag down on the table near our front door I walked through to the kitchen and the noise hit me from the backyard. The yelling, the laughter and sound of the basketball hitting the backboard of the net. Oh no. who has let Stef lose. Seriously. she’s a terrible loser, when she loses which to be fair isn’t very much. I’ve never beat her at a board game I duno how she does it. I take off my jacket and get a bottle of water from the fridge, I’m normally used to the California heat but today, it’s crazily hot. I walk over the back door and lean on the doorframe and smile, Callie and Mariana are sat under our little garden nook with one of their laptops talking about something but to the other side were we have a basketball court set up, Stef, Jesus, Brandon and Jude are playing ball. Stef looks hot, she’s wearing a tank top and cut of cargos. Her hair sort of thrown on top of her head. she moved quickly. I think our kids forget she’s a police officer and has to keep fit. I watch as she shots and scores before high fiving Jude. I move sitting with the girls still getting a good view.

    “Hey mama.” Mariana said,

    “Hey, so what’s going on here?”

    “Callie and I are looking at clothes online,” Callie smiled. They had given her a budget to get new clothes and Mariana was enjoying helping her.

    “And what is Mom doing?” Lena asked, looking at her wife as she got the ball from Brandon.

    “in her words, ‘kicking the boys butts.’” Callie said, laughing.

    “Are they playing teams?”

    “Yes we are.” Stef yelled back after she’d scored again. “And Hiya baby.”

    “Hey sweetie. You look very sexy.”

    “Thank you.” Stef grinned.

    “Eww Moms seriously.” Jesus groaned.

    “What?” Stef said looking at our son.

    “We don’t wanna know.” Brandon said looking between us both. Stef smiled before making her hands into a T.

    “Time out for a mo.” She said coming over to me and she gently took my bottle of water without asking and drank half of it.

    “Hey,” I said, smiling

    “What you’re my wife you’re suppose to share with me.”

    “That wasn’t sharing Stef, you stole my water.”

    “Well it’s no something I can give you back.”

    “Gross,” Mariana said, before going back to looking at clothes.

    “So who is on whose team?” I asked.

    “Its me and Jude vs Jesus and Brandon.” Stef said.

    “And we’re winning Mama.” Jude grinned. Since his adoption he has real settled down as he knew he wasn’t going to be taken away. he was very affectionate.

    “Well you have mom on your team, she’s too competitive.” Jesus said.

    “No I’m not,” Stef said grinning, I reached up and took her hand, she looked at me and smiled before she kissed me.

    “Eww you’re sweaty.” I said, looking at her. she grinned at me.

    “And you didn’t course it.” She whispered.

    “Come on Mom.” Jude said dragging Stef back to the game. I sat watching my family, laughing and joking and the sounds of the kids having fun. All five of them. my five babies and the love of my life. how did I get this lucky?


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