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    The Morning after the night before

    Lena slowly woke, her arm still around her wife, wow, wife. She couldn’t want to say that out loud. She couldn’t wait to tell people that she was married to this amazing blonde beside her. she propped herself up on her hand, looking at her perfect wife sleeping. She smiled to herself. Stef slowly opened her eyes moving her left hand rolling slightly to see Lena watching her. she smiled softly as she rolled back trying not to wake up. she was enjoying laying her completely naked. It was rare for them to get the alone time.

    “Good morning Mrs Adams Foster.” Lena said sexily.

    “Good morning Mrs Adams Foster, no hyphen right through we agreed. yes” Stef said looking at Lena over her shoulder.

    “No hyphen.” Lena giggled softly before slowly rubbing her nose along Stef’s shoulder. “but how much do I love that we all have the same last names.” Stef looked over her shoulder again

    “I love it, I love, I love it.” Stef said before kissing her forehead.  “Is that bacon?”

    “You mom must be making breakfast.” Lena said slowly as Stef too her hand and curled deeper into her.

    “I love her, in this moment right now I love her.” they both giggled softly. Lena put her head against Stef’s shoulder

    “Does that mean we have to join them.”

    “No, no it’s our honeymoon. Do we have to? Please say no.” Lena softly kissed Stef’s bare shoulder. She pulled away taking in a deep breath.

    “All you have to do,”

    “Yeh?” Stef rolled looking over her shoulder.

    “Is kiss me.” Stef made a noise.

    “Morning breath that is not going to happen.” she rolled back, facing the window.

    “I don’t care.” Lena said smiling then hiding behind Stef’s shoulder.  The hand she was resting on going above Stef’s head. “Come here woman.” Stef slowly smiled. Lena knew what that would do to her.

    “Ahh I love it when you call me woman.” Stef said rolling over, Lena’s hand went into her hair. Stef rubbed her arm. Her hand also on Lena’s face as they went in for the kiss. Stef felt Lena gripping her hair, as she pulled back for a moment and deepened. Stef’s hand going onto Lena’s face. Slowly kissing. Lena pulled her closer, her hand still lost in Stef’s blond locks. Stef pulled back.

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    1. Sharod says

      LOVED IT. I like how that scene was so true to reality with the morning breath and then Lena calling her woman. But I like how you had Stef sorta blackmail Lena into brushing her teeth with the promise of sex in the shower and of course actually fufilling her promise.

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