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    The Police Ball

    It’s that time of the year, the time of the year I hate most. It’s the San Diego Police Ball, it happens once a year. This year was the first year I was going to take someone with me who wasn’t a cop. This year I’m taking my girlfriend of just over a year. I stood in front of the mirror in my dress uniform. This uniform is smarter than my usual uniform. I am wearing a white crisp shirt, with a black neck tie. My jacket is done up and shows the two medals I have won. My pants perfectly pressed and my boots were shinny. I turned to pick up my cap when I saw her. my breath caught in my throat. My woman is stood in the doorway of our en suite bathroom wearing a dress that I want to rip from her body. take her in from head to toe. Lena is wearing her hair high on her head. a long necklace. Hitting between her breast which were showing from the top of her tight fitting black dress. that showed off her figure. Her legs on show as the dress hit her above her knee. I looked at her feet in cased in heels.

    “Wow,” Was all I could say. She was smiled.

    “Wow yourself. Stef you look so hot.”

    “Really?” I look down at my uniform. I hate it.

    “You do look so hot. I now have a thing for a woman in uniform.” I laugh at her.

    “Are you ready my love?” I ask.

    “Yes.” she picked up her purse which also had my stuff in it. I picked up my cap and we left together.



    I stood, watching Lena laughing and joking with some of my fellow officers.

    “She fits right in?” Colin my partner at the moment said to me.

    “She does.”

    “Surprised you let her out in that dress.”  I looked at him laughing.

    “I am enjoying her in it.” I said.

    “I bet you are.” Lena looked at me over her shoulder. Giving me that look. I knew it so well. she then moved off to the bathroom.

    “Excurse me Col.” I followed her into the bathroom. looking around glad no one else was in her. she pulled me into the end stall locking the door. I leant against the door looking at her.

    “How can I help you Ma’am?” I said looking at her.

    “You can make love to me.”

    “What?” I asked, shocked. I’d never seen Lena like this.

    “Make love to me Stef,” She whispered into my ear before kissing me passionately.  We changed places. Her back against the door. I put my hand up her dress. finding her thong. I moved it aside pushing two fingers into her.

    “Oh baby,” She moaned into my ear. I decided this was not going to be gentle as I bite her ear and drove my fingers into her. her ass banging against the door. We were fucking. I pulled away and could see she was going to scream. I put my hand over her mouth. stopping her from doing so she came hard her body shaking, sucking my fingers into her. I pulled them out and placed her back onto her feet. She looked at me as I licked my fingers.

    “Baby.” She breathed.

    “Enjoy that honey.”

    “My legs are shaking.”

    “Aww” I hugged her. “You do realise what we just did is illegal.” I laughed.

    “I don’t care. You are worth it Stef Foster. I love you so much.”

    “I love you too,” I grin at her. “Shall we return to the party.”

    “Yes,” They opened the door and found two women washing their hands. both walked over and washed their hands trying not to take in the looks they were getting, once they dried their hands Stef took Lena’s hand, as soon as they were out of the bathroom as soon as they were outside Lena started giggling closely followed by Stef. They couldn’t help it. as they headed to the dance floor.


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