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    The Row

    “You are so stubborn do you know that?” Lena said, as she threw the towel onto her kitchen courter. She’d been dating Stef for nearly two months now, she loved her completely, but right now they were on the verge of having their first row.

    “Why am I stubborn?” Stef demanded.

    “All I asked Stef was for you not to curse.” Lena said.

    “Why because it’s so uneducated.” Stef replied looking at Lena.

    “That’s not what I said.” Lena said.

    “But it’s what you meant because I left high school and went in the academy doesn’t make me uneducated. I just curse. Cops curse.”

    “Not in my house.” Lena demanded.

    “Oh it’s okay to curse when I’m fucking you but the moment I drop it into casual conversation that’s wrong.”

    “I’d rather we didn’t curse at all.”

    “But you do,”

    “Stef, you just said a word I hate in my house and all I asked was for you not to say it and now we’re fighting about it. this isn’t normal.”

    “I only said shit.”

    “Only, I don’t care Stef. I don’t want you using that language in my house okay?”

    “It’s only a word.”

    “What if Brandon says it?”

    “Oh do not bring my son into this conversation Lena.”

    “Why not? Stef if you are using this language he will.” Stef turned looking around the kitchen. Before looking back Lena looked angry and so did she. She took a deep breath, before moving towards Lena. she gripped her face and kissed her harshly, it was a sloppy kiss. Messy. As Lena’s back hit the door. Stef’s hand was pushing up her skirt. Lena gasped as Stef pushed her thong aside and plunged two fingers into her.

    “Ahh, Stef…babe…” Lena moaned as Stef pushed her hard against the door. Stef wasn’t making love to her. she was just having sex. Lena held onto Stef. She came hard. Screaming out Stef’s name as she did. It was so unexpected. She looked at Stef as she held her.

    “Wow.” Was all Lena could manage.

    “I’m sorry,” Stef whispered “I’ll try not to curse as much. I promise.”

    “Good, I’m sorry for calling you stubborn.”

    “I’m not sorry for having sex with you.” Stef grinned.

    “You should never be sorry for that love.” Lena said slowly. “I love you Stef Foster,”

    “I love you too.” Stef grinned. She kissed Lena one more time before moving away. Lena poured them some wine.

    “Fancy coming to bed.”

    “Always.” Stef grinned. As she followed smiling.


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