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    The Wedding

    I started to button up my shirt, looking at Lena who is stood in front of me. she’s just made peace with my bullet wound. We’re in our down stairs bathroom looking at each other.

    “I love you and I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” I whispered. she moved forward and kissed me softly.

    “I love you too.”

    “Darlin’” Its my mom’s she’s outside the door.

    “Yes Mom,” I said.

    “Your father is here.” I stop. my hand on Lena’s shoulder.

    “What? Just say that again.”

    “Your father is here darlin’.” I look at Lena who smiles

    “He came.” Lena said.

    “Oh is Lena in there with you darlin’ sorry.” My mother says. I can’t help but laugh.

    “We’re not doing anything mom. We’ll be out in  a minute.” I said. Looking at Lena.

    “Your dad is here babe. Shall we go out and see him,” I take a deep breath.

    “Will you be with me.”

    “Where else am I going to go.” Lena said, slowly linking her fingers into mine. It felt strange as we are both ring-less. After ten years of wearing her ring on my right hand its upstairs. I take another deep breath and we leave the bathroom. I find my father stood in dinning room, looking at our table full of gifts. Lena and I walk over to him

    “Hi Dad.” I said, he turned. He is wearing a shirt and tie with a jacket. I see my mum hanging around the hall watching us.

    “Hi Stef, Lena.” Lena put her hand onto my upper arm making me feel so close to her. her thump moving over my hand which is still locked in hers I don’t want to let go.

    “Hi Frank, it’s really good to see you.”

    “I nearly didn’t come.” He said, I looked at him. he held his hand up. “You’re my only child Stef and today you’re marrying the person…you love more than anything and I can’t miss that.”

    “Thank you,” I whispered I wanted to cry. I turned my head slightly and for the first time ever in front of my father Lena put her arms around me and held me close.

    “Thank you Frank.” I heard her say,

    “I’ve put my gift here.” He said, before moving off. Lena is holding me close.

    “He came babe.” She said softly.

    “I know. I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay you’re allowed to be emotional. This is our wedding day.”  Lena said holding me close.


    We’re married. Lena is my wife. wow. We’re stood watching our children and everyone else dance while we are drinking wine. My father walks over.

    “That was a lovely service.” He said, we looked at him.

    “Yeh my dad did a great job.” Lena smiled. She was proud that her dad had married us.

    “He did, I loved hearing you both laughing.”

    “Well Jude managed to the wrong rings in his pocket bless him.” I laughed, as my hand found Lena’s ass. I’m loving her dress, her hand is on my shoulder and we’re stood too close for people to see where my hand is.

    “Your mother tells me you’re going to adopt them.”

    “Yes.” I said smiling, looking at all five of our kids messing around on the lawn

    “I need to get to know them if they are gonna become my grandchildren.” I looked at him in shock.

    “I’d love that Dad.” I said, it’s time I opened up to him. he is making an effort. Lena starts playing with my hair. He looks around before heading over to speak to Mike.

    “I’m glad he came.” Lena said to me.

    “Me too Mrs Adams Foster.”

    “Oh did you just Adams Foster me.” Lena asked, I smiled, before leaning in for a kiss. She kisses me slowly, I look into her eyes.

    “Yeh I did. Wife.”

    “Oh, you are a right one tonight.” Lena laughed.

    “I think marrying the love of my life will do that too me.”

    “You’re amazing. you know that Stef.”

    “So are you babe. I love you.” we kissed again. slowly. I turn and see my father watching us. we’ve never been openly affection in front of him. I  realise this is the first time he’s seen us kissing. I nod at him before turning my attention to Mariana who has the mic.


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