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    This Family

    Stef walked into Lena’s office and frowned. She didn’t like the man who was not sat on the sofa in Lena’s office. She was in full uniform, as Lena had called her to come in. Lena smiled at her wife, getting up and kissing her softly before Stef stood, her arms crossed against her chair. Looking at the man who was starting to make their lives hell. He looked back her slightly scared by the look on Stef’s face. Lena took a seat, looking at her wife hoping she would do the same. However Stef didn’t move. she stood there staring at Timothy.

    “This is not what I expected.” Stef said slowly.

    “We need to talk.” Timothy said slowly.

    “Do we really? I’ll talk to you when you sign that contract.” She said pointing to the contract that was on Lena’s desk.

    “Honey.” Lena said, rolling her eyes.

    “No Lena, I’m fed up. you’re four months pregnant and he is trying to play daddy and let’s face it he is not the daddy”  Stef said.

    “I am the father of this baby.” He said.

    “You are the donor.” Stef said slowly. She was getting mad.

    “I didn’t know what I was getting into.” He said slowly.

    “Yes you did. We talked about this. in this office. You offered your service. You’re not suppose to be in the babies life you have a verbal contact.”

    “I’m sorry Stef I think it would destroy me, knowing there is child out there that is mine.” Stef took a deep breath and moved. She’d had enough.  She sat herself next to Lena.

    “What do you want?” Stef asked, as her hand went into Lena’s leg.

    “I want to be a father to this baby.”

    “that is not going to happen.” Stef said slowly.

    “I have to agree with Stef.” Lena said. “You had a verbal contact with us.”

    “That’s my baby too.”

    “You’re a donor. Do you get that. You’re not suppose to be in the babies life. this baby is mine and Lena’s.” Stef said getting angry. Timothy took a deep breath he looked at the contact. Then he got up slowly too a pen and opened it he signed it. he was fed up with fighting. He dated it threw the pen on the desk and left. Lena put her head onto Stef’s shoulder. Holding her close.

    “This baby is ours. You were very passionate.” Lena whispered. Stef’s hand went to her stomach.

    “I love you and I’ll fight for you forever.”

    “I love you too.” Lena said holding onto her wife.


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