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    We All Need a cuddle

    Lena was trying not to show that she was in pain. She was just trying to get on with cooking dinner. She had pains in her stomach, she had been warned by the doctor that this would happen during the early stages of the pregnancy. She ran her fingers along her stomach. she leant against the counter. She didn’t hear the back door open. She didn’t hear Stef’s soft footsteps across the floor. She filched when Stef’s arms came around her.

    “Baby.” Stef’s voice was full of concern.

    “I’m fine.”

    “No you’re not.”

    “I’m fine Stef, I am.” Stef moved her hand down to where Lena’s hand was moving very slowly over her stomach. she put her hand over Lena’s.

    “Are you in pain?”

    “Yes,” Lena suddenly whispered.

    “Right come on and sit down.” Stef took her and let her sit in the kitchen nook as it was the closet and most comfortable place. Stef held her as Lena sat there trying not to cry. The doctor had explained that she may be get some pain as some women did. But she hadn’t expected it. Stef took her in her arms and held her.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “You’ve got nothing to be sorry about love,” Stef said holding her. rubbing her arms making sure she felt save.

    “I was just trying to make dinner,”

    “Hey,” Stef made Lena look at her. “You can’t help being in pain. When you’re okay, I’ll get changed and I’ll make dinner.”

    “That’s not fair Stef you’ve been at work all day.”

    “So have you babe.”

    “I’m not chasing criminals.” Lena said Stef smiled.

    “Nah, only I get to wear the hot uniform.” She joked. Lena smild.

    “I’ll never get to wear it.”

    “It’s not a good look you know love.” Stef said.

    “It’s a sexy look have you looked at yourself.”

    “Yes love and it’s not good.” Stef laughing. She was trying to make Lena forget about the pain.

    “I think you look amazing.”

    “Oh is this the reason you married me?” Stef asked, Lena leant forward and kiss her.

    “no I married you because you’re an amazing person, an amazing lover, an amazing mother and more than anything you love me and I love you so much.”

    “Wow,” Stef grinned. They kissed again, “Now you’re going to have a lay down. I’m going to get changed and cook us an awesome meal and you’re going to be okay,”

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