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    You bring me pleasure

    Lena passed Stef her glass of wine as they sat down onto the sofa after they had had dinner together. She sat down. taking a sip of her own wine. Looking at the woman was falling crazy in love with.

    “Can I ask you something?” Lena said. Looking at Stef who was now playing with her wine glass.


    “How do you feel about oral sex?”  Lena asked.

    “What do you mean?” Stef said her brow knitting.

    “Sorry it’s so blunt but I want to know what you like sexually, we’ve made love I know but I want you to really enjoy sex.”

    “I do enjoy sex, with you it’s amazing. mind blowing.” Stef admitted. Putting her glass down onto the coffee table, turning and looking at Lena.

    “I want you to more than enjoy it Stef.” Lena said, “I need to know what you find sexually satisfying. I want give you pleasure, learn what you like and what you don’t like.” Lena smiled as Stef had gone red and couldn’t met her eye.

    “I…erm…” Stef stopped. She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation.  She looked down at her wine. She needed more of this to have this conversation. Her church going background had meant she’d barely spoken to anyone about sex. The reason she’d married Mike was because he got her pregnant in the back of his car. Even once they were married sex hadn’t been great between then and they’d never spoken about it. it was till Lena that she’d known passion.

    “Why are you so embarrassed?”

    “I’ve never had to talk about what pleases me.”

    “Well I want to know.” Lena reached over ran her fingers along her face.

    “Can I be honest with you?” Stef said.


    “I don’t know what I enjoy. Before I meet you I hadn’t enjoyed sex.” Stef said. “Your magic fingers. When I’ve made love to you I’ve just copied what you did to me.”


    “Yes.” Stef said, looking down again.

    “well Stef I’m going to show you how to enjoy it completely.” Lena got up taking her hand. “Come with me.” they walked into Lena’s bedroom and Stef watched as Lena got naked for her. Stef removed her own clothes.

    “Get in the middle of the bed, it’s time for a new experience.” Stef did as she was asked. Lena lay on top of her kissing her. making Stef melt she ran her hands along her back holding her close. As Lena slowly moved down her body. Taking her times to kiss her breasts. Enjoying the feelings of them. As they moves lower she knows Stef was tenser now. she kissed her stomach. before she kissed her mound. “relax.” Lena said slowly.  She then slowly licked her wetness. Stef gripped the sheets, she couldn’t believe how good it felt as Lena made love to her with her mouth. she moaned. She couldn’t help it. her body reacting to Lena’s mouth and hands. she came hard. Holding onto the sheets and moaning Lena’s name. she couldn’t believe it. she lay there.

    “Wow.” Was all she could say as Lena moved back up her body and kissed her.

    “there is so much more to come.” Lena whispered as Stef closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath.


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