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    28 Weeks

    “Little recluse me.”

    “You’ve improved since we married. You’re more likely to have the gang here.”

    “Only because I don’t want to be in LA at the moment.”

    “I know baby, the air is cleaner here I know.”

    “It is. Better for me and for bump.”

    “I want what is best for you and our child.”

    “I know. You’re doing everything you can.” Tina turned on her stool and looked at her wife, she reached out and gently started playing with her wife’s hair. Curling it around her finger. “I love you.”

    Bette leaned forward and captured her wife’s lips. The kiss was slow passionate. Full of love and need. Tina pulled away slowly. Breathing hard.

    Bette smiled. Gently running her fingers down Tina’s face.

    “Finish up and I will make dinner.” Bette smiled before slowly walking away. Tina watched her wife go, smiling. She didn’t know how she got so lucky. Tina slowly got up from her seat and ran her hand along her stomach. She felt a little dizzy now she had stood up. She took her bottle of water drink it. Enjoying the coldness of it. She rubbed her stomach. She had a little pain but she just thought it might be the baby moving around.

    She slowly locked up the studio and started walking towards the house. She stopped with a pain shot through her. She bent over in pain. Breathing hard. She didn’t know what was happening and she was panicking.

    “Bette.” She yelled out her wife’s name hoping that Bette would hear her.

    Bette came out. Saw her wife and ran towards her. Tina screamed in pain and Bette knew something wasn’t right. Taking out her cell and dialling 911.




    Tina slowly opened her eyes, she was in hospital, she blinked a couple of times. Moving her head slowly she turned her head and saw Bette sat beside her.

    “Babe.” She said slowly. “What…” She was so confused.

    “Its okay baby you are safe.” Bette said getting up and sitting on the bed. “That had to deliver him.”

    “What no, Bette, he is too young”

    “He is doing well, he is on the baby ward.” Bette had tear in her eyes. “He is tiny, ways less than a bag of sugar. But he is perfect. He has a machine to help him breath. But the doctors think he is going to be just fine.”

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    1. Xavier? Isn’t it latino name? Isn’t it the case as the name Portard about what Bette and Tina talked in s1 TLW – biracial child with gay’s mother and latino’s name – not too much?

    2. I think Xavier is Latin and Javier is the Latino variation or possibly the other way around. Not sure but I think the name means “House”! I like the name and think of it as symbolic of Tina and Bette’ relationship and life! Creative, quiet, and peaceful….out of the hustle and constant noise of a big city! What a place for a child to thrive!

    3. So glad the baby is going to be okay. My son was born nine weeks premature. There are going to be lots of hurdles and that is a fact. Am I being weird here but if it were me I would be stopping that art sale of a pregnant Tina and a very loving Bette. Given Xavier’s prematurity, I would not want those art pieces out there in the public domain for just anybody. At a minimum I would hold off until Xavier is a little older, definitely out of any danger and I still would keep a few for the nursery and Bette’s office. Certainly the fact that their baby is born and premature changes the original premise of the sale. God forbid there are any complications. And as Tina is selling all 32 pieces of this series why do I suspect that Kelly Wentworth may be lurking to buy up all of them which given the sensual and sensitive and now super highly personal subject matter just gives me the creeps. I would not want any art work regarding my pregnancy and premature delivery out there until my baby was absolutely 100 percent okay. Maybe my overactive imagination.

    4. Great character, and welcome to the new addition. You tricked me with the all is not well line I felt like either they would loose the baby or Tina would get sick again. I am so glad everything turned out OK. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    5. A boy… Xavier Marvin Kennard Porter. Welcome to the world. I nervous about this child as well. Surely Tina is doing pen and pencil of other subjects than her pregnancy and Bette being supportive and loving? I would hope that the photos may be inspirational but not the subjects. She was very particular to keep the nude paintings or Bette and of herself. I would think that she would maintain that line of thinking. After all the photo were spread on the counter and she was far enough away that Bette did not see or mention what she was working on. This is to be her lightness series… that could be anything.

      Now, I wonder what the doctor meant by her body just decided it was time to deliver the baby. Well, the baby is in good shape except he needs assistance in breathing. Hopefully they can provide him with everything he needs to grow strong and healthy.

      This is the second or third story by this author in which Bette and Tina’s first child is a boy. Is there a particular reason? Is it that the first child in The L Word which they lost was a boy? Of course this is not that story… only some of the same characters.

      I wonder if Bette and Tina are ready to be new parents. I am hopeful that everything will be alright and that they will be good parents.

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • Hi Martha. I think the series is almost entirely of a side view at least of a half nude Tina and some including Bette. That was the plan. She wanted to make art from the changes to her body. She took pictures and then did sketches from the pictures. And decided to include a topless Bette. From the previous chapter Tina said: “Yes, I’m using black and white film. Maybe wear a nice pair of jeans. I want to take a picture once a week all the way through. I want to celebrate the changes in my body, even when I feel unsexy and grumpy which will happen.” I am certainly no artist but it just feels weird to me to still sell these as Xavier is so very premature. And when they went to tell the others about the pregnancy Kelly was lurking about. Either Bette should buy them all or they put it off for a while. My son was a little over two months early and in the hospital for two months. Xavier is two months early and susceptible to lots of complications. I also wonder if they are ready for this. Maybe this just hits a little too close to home.

    6. 28 weeks. Such a tiny little thing. I used to do early intervention for these little babies, hope everything continues to go well for Xavier. Some babies born this early have months or years of catch up to do. Tina and Bette will be marvelous parents. Thanks for the update

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