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    A bad Day

    Tina woke, her mind was racing, the thoughts were overwhelming like they had been the night she had walked away from her family. She got up. Looking back at Bette. She smiled as she wife slept peacefully. Tina walked out of their room. She checked on Xavier and kissed him before she headed downstairs. She opened a bottle of water, taking a long drink. She also took her anxiety meds. She walked out into the studio, opening the doors. She took out a new canvas, she took out some paints. Finding the darker colours.

    She took out a brush and stared to paint. Slowly added layers of paint to make the darker spots on the canvas. She lost track of time as she started to get lost in the painting. She hadn’t thought she’d be out here long she just needed her thoughts to stop.




    Bette woke slowly, rolling over she noticed that Tina wasn’t beside her. She looked around and saw that the door was closed. She got up and checked on Xavier who was sleeping peacefully. She kissed him and went downstairs,

    “Ti,” She said softly.

    Bette saw the back door was open and saw the lights were on in the Studio. Bette took a deep breath. she was just glad that Tina hadn’t ran. She walked out and saw her wife painting. She could tell her had been here for while, the painting was taking shape.

    “Ti,” Bette said softly.

    Tina turned and looked at her wife,

    “Hi, B. I’m sorry did I wake you?”

    “No baby, how long have you been up,”

    “Since 2am”

    “It’s nearly 6am now babe,”

    “I’m sorry I’ve lost track of time,”

    “Are you okay?”

    “No, not really.” Tina admitted. As she put her paint brush down.

    Bette walked forward and wrapped her arms around Tina.

    “I’m here for you,”

    “I know I’m trying not to let the voice win.” Tina whispered.

    Bette hugged her. She kissed her wife’s head.

    “You’re doing fine.”

    “I’m not but it’s nice of you to say so,” Tina said holding her close.

    “Right wash up and go back to bed. Jake will be here soon to help me with Xavier. You need to sleep.”

    “This piece needs to dry.” Tina smiled softly.

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    1. My comment is an extension of the previous chapters.Tina regressing, Alice lurking most likely a powder keg ready to blow, Bette’s gallery needing her attention, being isolated away from LA, her own health issues….how much longer can Bette hang in there? Also – Based upon your writing and description of Xavier and his actions and interactions he is absolutely not autistic. Far too aware and to much interaction. Laughing. Giggling. Aware. Engaged. Eye contact. He is not autistic. By 9 months: No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions. Xavier is the opposite of this. As such, I do not trust Jake. Seems he wants to be alone with Tina for some reason. Alice? Theft? Attack? Hmmmmm.

      Also Alice is in love with Bette per Shane but misses her friendship? Really?? Run Bette. How many here are possessive best friends with people they are in love with???? Show of hands???

    2. What about Jake made Bette wary of his suggestion?

      I agree with Billy… this baby does not seem to be autistic at all. In fact for a preemie, he is progressing in his development at a very rapid rate. From his abilities, he is has very few signs of being 2 or 3 months premature at his age. But it does not hurt to be cautious…

      Thanks for the chapter….

    3. Please Bette head the voice of your spirit concerning Jake!! I think he’s trying to push Tina over the edge. But I haven’t figured out why. Will have to go back a few chapters to see who “recommended” him.

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