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    A Dinner Date

    Bette arrived at the restaurant ten minutes before she was due to meet Tina and smiled when she saw that Tina was waiting outside. she took in Tina as she walked along the sidewalk. Tina was wearing trousers and a fitted shirt. A jacket over her arm, her blonde hair was lose around her face. she looked stunning. Bette took a deep breath. she had gone for pencil skirt and a silk top. Her purse tucked under arm.

    Tina smiled when she saw Bette walking towards her.

    “Nice and early Ms Porter.” Tina said softly

    “I made sure I was early,”

    Tina nodded. As they walked into the restaurant. The table had been booked under Tina’s name and they were shown to a quiet table at the far end of the restaurant out of the way of everyone. The menu’s were put in front of them and then they were left alone.

    “May I ask when you still calling me Ms Porter?” Bette asked. Her head cocked to one side.

    “When I decide if this is going to happen or not.” Tina smiled softly.

    “Ah okay.” Bette replied as she looked down at the menu, deciding what she wanted.

    “How was work?” Tina asked trying to break the ice a little.

    “Busy, I’ve got a show coming up and the artist is not happy with the way we want to hang the show, it means that we’re having to change something.” Bette rubbed her chin.

    “Does that happen often?”

    “No, not really it’s only sometimes that an artist demands that we hang things their way. This show could bring in Millions so I need to get it right.”

    “You’ve become tense.” Tina remarked as she looked at the woman in front of her.

    “Work makes me tense.”

    “You always appear so alpha and in control.”

    “How would you know?” Bette asked, raising her eye brows.

    “I’ve researched you Ms Porter it’s not a one way street.” Tina said slowly as she picked up the wine list. “Did you bring your car?”

    “Yes, erm, you wanted me to bring a bag and I didn’t want to bring it into the restaurant.” Bette was suddenly nervous and found herself biting her lower lip.

    “It just means I will order us soft drinks until we get to my place,”

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