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    A Grand Canyon Wedding

    Tina had chosen the perfect spot with the Grand Canyon spread out in front of them, with land looking lovely as the sun hit the red sand. Bette stood wearing a white suit, that was made up of tailored trousers, a white shirt tucked in and a knee length jacket, she was wearing her favourite pair of black boots as she wanted to be comfortable. Beside her Tina was wearing a lovely floor length white dress, which showed off her perfect figure, they were holding hands as their friends gathered behind them.

    “Welcome to the wedding of Bette Porter and Tina Kennard, two women who feel in love over art.” Tracey, the lady who was their for the state smiled. “I believe that they are going to do be doing their own vows, Tina would you like to start,”

    Tina took a deep breath and turned to Bette, taking both her hands in hers. Smiling.

    “You came into my life at a dark time, I never thought I’d fall in love or find someone who would want to share the life I wanted. you’ve given up so much to be with me, I mean you’ve left the luxury of LA to live on my land in a house we designed together. The start of our time together was marked by dark times but we’ve come through and the light and colour are very real for me. you’ve opened my world and changed my life. you’ve changed my view point. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, perhaps even have a family together. you’ve changed my art, as well as my life and I feel lucky that I wake up every morning and get to watch you sleeping beside me. I love when you’re grumpy and all you want is a cup of coffee. I love that you panic at the thought of cooking a complex meal and I love that you know to leave me to draw when I need to you. I know I’m socially awkward and sometimes comes across as anti social I’m learning and that’s because I have your love and support. I love you and I feel honoured to know that in a few moments you will be my wife. I love you.”

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    1. Now that was a wonderful wedding. And a potential honeymoon at a luxury lodge? That sounds incredible. Fits both Tina and Bette. Maybe there is a honeymoon cabin nearby which has all the access to the luxury of the lodge but the privacy and space they both desire.

      I love this Tina. She is educated as a lawyer. She set up trust for herself to preserve some of her inheritance for future needs. She has reviewed her own contracts up until she met Bette. She purchased a home and had it appropriately insured. She had medical insurance to cover her hospital stay. She seems to lack knowledge in the worth of her art, but that is understandable. Up until recently she hadn’t sold much. She made her contract with Bette for her show on her own. I believe she is a very astute business woman and can function in the world well. She just has problems socially. And if you can use a computer and have a bank account, you can arrange almost anything including a wedding with your friends and all the trimmings.

      She has no problems communicating with Shane and she’s never had a problem communicating with Bette. And she has pulled herself together to function at her show and her wedding…. She may always have problems socially, but I do not think this will bother Bette. Bette will still lead a productive life even if she doesn’t go to as many social events as she once did. But she can elect to go without Tina if there is a problem. They will work it out….they will…

      Nice story…. love it. Would love to see more….when you can.

      • I agree. The love between Tina and Bette is really nice. Kind of different from other stories. The friendship with Shane is very sweet. The other members of the friend group are accepting her and vice versa. Enjoying this story and this version of Bette and Tina.

    2. That was so amazing. Tina’s wedding vows touched my heart. They really found in each other what they needed. I love this Tibette so much! Great advice from Shane!

      And i totally agree with Martha and Billy!

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