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    A hard day

    Tina woke the following morning but her body was weak. She sometimes had terrible days that left her tried and drained. She crawled out of bed, getting into the shower, she washed before brushing her teeth and putting on fresh PJ’s she knew she wasn’t going to work today. She phoned Casey and Jackson her two managers and they knew at once they had to step up. This happened often, and both of her managers were excellent at being there for her.

    Tina curled up on her sofa with her blanket and decided to read her book. She completely lost track of time. There was a light knock on the door and Tina slowly got up. She opened the door and saw a very worried looking Bette Porter looking at her.

    “Ti,” She whispered, when she saw how pale and tired Tina looked, she reached out without saying hello and ran her fingers down her face,

    “Bette, why are you here?”

    “I was supposed to met you for lunch. I rang but your cell is off. I was worried, Casey I think it is said you were sick,”

    “Come in,” Tina let her in and went back to the sofa, sitting down. Bette followed dropping her purse onto the armchair. She sat on the sofa and opened her arms to Tina.

    “What’s the matter?” Bette asked as Tina curled up into her.

    “I have bad days. My body will never be 100 per cent Bette. today my body wants me to rest.” Tina sounded breathless, like her breathing wasn’t quiet right, almost like she was struggling.

    “And you do as it tells you,”

    “I do. sorry I said I’m make you the most epic sandwich.”

    “I was so fucking worried.”

    “I didn’t mean too worry you,” Tina said softly. She was enjoying Bette’s smell. She always loved being this close to her.

    “I was worried. I came straight over.”

    “To make sure I’d not shut up shop and ran away again?” Tina asked

    “No, because it’s unlike you baby.” Bette said softly. Her fingers playing with Tina’s hair. “You should have called me,”

    “You have a daughter to deal with and a gallery to run. You don’t need me calling and saying ‘hey Bette I’m having a shit day my body has decided I need rest.’”

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    1. Tina better be ok!!!!

      I also hope tina will learn that she can lean on Bette – ( not sure if the vomit episode was the same night as ordering out food ) but she could have awoken Bette for support !

      Loving the family bonding and Angie noticing the change in Bette and and their “love of life “ comments .

    2. I hate it that Tina is sick… Bette will be there soon and give her the support she needs. I do hope she gets better. She and Bette are just getting back together… her life is just about to be full… with a lover and a child… a family.

      Thanks for the chapter…

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