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    A horrible Meeting

    The White House

    The Public Gardens

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette stood to one side, looking around the large gardens, today she was at the White House for the first time to have a photoshoot with Johnson, not something she was looking forward too. She’d never got on with the man and he hated her, even more so since they had beaten him the week before in the election.

    Tina walked over and slipped her hand into her wife’s.

    “I’ve just seen him and his wife, they don’t look like a married couple.” Tina whispered.

    “She married him for his bank account and everyone knows it. He never holds her hand or is affectionate with her in public. It’s a loveless marriage.”

    “That cannot be said about us.”

    “No,” Bette grinned looking at her woman. “I definitely love you. Can’t believe we will be living here soon.”

    “Scary with the amount of history here.” Tina said as she looked around the large gardens

    “You shouldn’t let the history scare you,”

    “It doesn’t really, it’s just overwhelming. You’re the first woman to take office here. And you’re not just any woman.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Bette said as she raised her eyebrow.

    “Well, let’s just been honest, you’re a bi-racial, lesbian married to a white woman with a bi-racial child, you’re a yale graduate. You’re amazing. This country is going to be in good hands.”

    “That’s debatable.” Johnson’s sweet southern drawl came from behind them and Bette turned to the man she had beat.

    “Mr President.”

    “Madam President Elect.” He said, she could tell he was only being nice because their were people milling around.

    “Madam First Lady,” Bette said to the woman who was younger than Johnson and looked like she had eaten a lemon recently.

    “Madam President Elect, Welcome to the White House,” She said very formally.

    “Thank you,” Bette found herself holding a little tighter to Tina’s hand.

    Tina’s reactions to this was to gently move her thumb along her wife’s hand to let her know she was there and she was supporting her.

    “She doesn’t need welcoming in a week she will be sitting behind a desk doing a mans job.” Johnson said, Bette knew he was bitter.

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    1. Such a fucking ignorant asshole! I am glad that Bette will be the new President and Tina as the First Lady.

      Don’t let them change with how they express their love for each other.

      I like how you let them tweet short updates on Twitter.

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