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    A horrible Meeting

    “I don’t think that comment was necessary,” Bette responded.

    “I do.” Johnson said, “I don’t like you, you know that. It wasn’t because you were running against me either.”

    “No, I know why you don’t like me. I’m everything you hate about America. Well after today we will only be in the same area again whenever Presidents come together.”

    “Yeh, yeh, can we get this dam thing over with.”

    “This way Mr President.” An aid said.

    Bette and Tina followed to the stairs of the White house and Johnson and his wife stood on one side and Bette and Tina stood on the other. Bette took a deep breath. She had an inner rage that she was trying to calm. She would never understand why this man was so bitter towards her. She took a deep breath and smiled for the camera.


    The Royal Park Hotel

    The Presidential Suite.

    1344 Main Street

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “He is such an asshole,” Bette said as she removed her jacket and threw it onto the sofa. She was still raging inside by Johnson.

    “You shouldn’t let him get under your skin.” Tina said as she sat on the sofa, removing her shoes. She moaned slightly. She’d bought new shoes and that had been a mistake.

    “Are you okay?” Bette turned as she was turning on the air con to get the room to the right temperature.

    “It was a mistake wearing new shoes.”

    “You should have said if your feet were hurting.” Bette said walking over to her and sitting on the coffee table she motioned for Tina to put her foot into her lap and Tina did. Bette started to gently rub her wife’s feet.

    “That feels good. Shouldn’t I be worshipping your feet, now you’re President Elect.” Tina put her head back as Bette’s fingers moved her feet.

    “I will always worship you.” Bette smiled. “Just because I’m about to become Commander in Chef doesn’t change that. I’m very lucky to have you in my life. You’ve given me so much.”

    “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” Tina said,

    “Marriage, a child, love. You know what you’ve done Ms Kennard.” Bette grinned.

    Tina smiled at her wife’s words.

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    1. Such a fucking ignorant asshole! I am glad that Bette will be the new President and Tina as the First Lady.

      Don’t let them change with how they express their love for each other.

      I like how you let them tweet short updates on Twitter.

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