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    A horrible Meeting

    “You know what would make this a little better?”

    “Wine and pizza?”

    “I was thinking wine and a cheese burger but yeah.”

    “How do you stay in shape again?” Bette said getting up to get the hotel menu to see what they could order.

    “I go to the gym every morning and I run, you know that Porter.”

    “I do, I’ve seen your ass in your gym shorts.” She smiled as she brought the menu over passing it to her wife.

    “You do know you’re not supposed to make comments like that about my ass.”

    “I believe a rather nasty gossip website said your ass was one of the best in America.” Bette said sitting next to her wife, as they both looked at the menu.

    “I think they lie.”

    “About your ass?” Bette said looking at her wife.


    “Nah, I’ve had my hands on it. Its perfect.”

    “Ohhh they do a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I would love that.”

    “I can arrange that.” Bette kissed her wife’s neck. “I love you, I love that you’ve not changed.”

    “I’m not going to change.” Tina said. “I love you too.”

    Bette got up and order the food. Before rolling up her sleeves.

    “Johnson is an ass.”

    “You’ve said that.”

    “I know I just want to remind you of it.”

    “He doesn’t like you because you’re a lesbian, your father was black and because you married a blonde woman. I heard him say to his detail that I was someone he would go after.”

    “That fucking moron.”

    “Babe I wouldn’t go for him, you know I’ve got the best.” Tina grinned.

    “It’s the fact he thinks that you would even go near him. I know he made a comment about you being bi-sexual.” Bette rolled his eyes.

    “I bet he thinks about that when he is touching himself.”

    “Eww Tina…” Bette started laughing

    “What?” Tina said get up and removed her own jacket and looked at her wife.

    “That’s not something I want to think about.”

    “Well I don’t think his wife wants him anywhere near her. She couldn’t have stood any further away from him.” Tina sat back down.

    “I don’t blame her. She looked jealous when I put my arm around you.”

    “Well we’ve always been physically affectionate to each other. I don’t want that to change just because you’re the President. I want to be able to touch you.”  Tina suddenly looked worried.

    “Babe. Somethings will change. Our lives will change but I promise you I will never stop showing you how much I love you. You’re my world and I want the world to know that.”

    Bette moved to her wife, she moved down and kissed her softly. Tina moaned into the kiss. Bette pulled back as there was a knock on the door and their food arrived.


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    Bette Porter


    Lovely afternoon exploring the White House, I can’t wait to start work. In a Week I will stand beside @TPKennard_ and been sworn in. I’m nervous and excited for the future.


    Bette Porter


    President Johnson’s comments about me being ‘a lesbo who needs putting in her place’ are not unexpected. I’m not insulted, I’m more angry at the negative language that he used. The fact I’m a lesbian has nothing to do with him. It doesn’t affect his life. #staypostive


    Bette Porter


    I am pleased that in four days I will be sworn into office to serve our great nation as President. My wife will be with me. Angie our daughter will be at college. This was her choice. We both support her in that.


    Tina Kennard


    The comments coming from our current sitting President about my wife and myself are not as hurtful as he thinks they are. His comment about Bette’s affair are uncalled for. More so for a man who has been outed as sleeping with his PA on more than one occasion.


    Tina Kennard


    Outfit sorted to be with Bette to be sworn in. I’m excited to be with her. To stand with her, to be at her side on this important day. I’m so proud of her. Some days it doesn’t feel real but she’s going to be President and I’m sure she’s going to do a great job.

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    1. Such a fucking ignorant asshole! I am glad that Bette will be the new President and Tina as the First Lady.

      Don’t let them change with how they express their love for each other.

      I like how you let them tweet short updates on Twitter.

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