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    A Kiss Changes Everything

    Bette made her way through She-bar, she was couldn’t find Shane anywhere. She made her way through the women grinding and dancing together. Dawn was right this was like nothing she had seen, well recently. It reminded her of young days, when she was the queen the nightclubs. Clicking her fingers and getting any woman she wanted. Then Tina had come into her life. They’d had eight years together and now she was with Jodi, who had gone home.

    Bette had promised that she wouldn’t leave without Shane. She spotted  Brenda, Tina’s date, talking to another woman at the bar, she was flirting. Bette could see that from the body language. She knew that her and Tina weren’t serious. It had still shocked her that Tina had slept with her on the first date. It Bette was honest she was jealous.

    Her feels had been under wraps when Tina was dating Henry. She could handle her being with a man. She’d always known Tina was bi-sexual. She didn’t expect the feelings of jealous that had rushed over her at the news that Tina had jumped into bed on the first date. She had no right to be jealous. She was with Jodi, yet knowing that Tina was back dating women gave Bette this wanting. A wanting that only one person could ever fill, that person being Tina.

    Bette walked into a very quiet corner of the club, the music didn’t seem as loud and it was deserted apart from one person, Tina. she was sat alone, her gold dress clinging to her. Bette took a deep breath, watching as Tina looked into her drink. She seemed lost. Tina looked up and spotted Bette.

    “Hey,” Bette said with a slight wave.

    “Hey,” Tina replied,

    “What you doing here all by yourself?” Bette asked,

    “I duno,” Tina laughed, “What are you doing here?”

    “I was just looking for Shane, she disappeared and I promised that I wouldn’t leave without her,” Bette turned to leave.

    “I’m hiding,” Tina said before covering her eyes.


    “I’m hiding from Brenda,” Tina said softly. “She’s nice and everything. Oh my God she’d fucking crazy,” Tina said taking the last bit of her drink as Bette sat beside her. “I can’t keep up with her. I don’t know where she is, out there dancing.”

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