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    A Kiss Changes Everything

    “I thought you two looked so into each other,” Bette observed.

    “We were just having fun,” Tina admitted. “This is so not my sense, I mean clubs,”

    “I know,”

    “You’re so lucky, you so lucky that you have Jodi,”

    “I am,”

    Tina suddenly looked defeated. She put her drink down and got up. As she walked away Bette decided it was now or never. She put her own glass down and reached out taking Tina by the wrist to stop her. Tina turned and Bette just moved forward and kissed her. Bette felt relief when Tina melted into the kiss. both of them losing themselves. The sounds of the club, them music, the people drifting away. They broke apart, their foreheads touching as Bette broke down in to tears. Tina held her. They had both felt it in that moment. That closeness. That connection that they only had. Tina gently made Bette raise her head and their lips locked again, a series of small passionate, open mouthed kisses. Both of them wanting and needing more. The kiss lasted a long time before they finally broke away knowing that they were in public. Neither wanted to let go of the other. They looked into each-others eyes.

    “We should…” Bette stepped back.

    Tina looked at her, she was breathing hard. It had been a long time since she was this turned on.

    “I’m sorry,” Tina whispered

    “I pulled you to me why are you sorry?”

    “You’re in a relationship,”

    “its nothing compared to kiss you,” Bette admitted.

    “We can’t do this here,”

    “No, no, erm…” Bette looked around. “Can you come to my place?”


    “Yes please, Ti,” Bette said,

    Tina looked at her,

    “Where is Jodi?”

    “At her apartment, please,” Bette gently her fingers running along Tina’s arm.

    Tina took a deep breath. she knew she couldn’t escape this. Bette had awaken feelings she’d been trying to hide for months. She knew she’d been falling in love with Bette again. Yet she hadn’t acted on it as she had seen Bette with Jodi. They had kissed by accident a month or so ago but neither of them had mentioned it as Bette had been on her way to get Jodi back.

    Tina nodded.

    “I will meet you there in an hour.” Tina said softly. Bette nodded and slowly walked away. She looked back and saw Tina running her hands through her hair. The blonde was thinking and Bette just hoped she would turn up at the house.

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