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    A Kiss Changes Everything



    Bette was pacing backwards and forwards in her house. Her mind had been racing since she had kissed Tina. she only wanted Tina. she knew that this woman was the love of her life but she had never thought she would get another chance with her.

    There was a light knock on the door. Bette opened it and there was Tina, still wearing the gold dress. Bette moved out of the way and let her into the house. Closing the door Bette licked up her lips. Turning she saw Tina putting her purse down.

    “I didn’t expect what happened tonight,” Tina said softly.

    “Neither did I put I couldn’t help it. I love you Ti. I’ve always loved you.”


    “Doesn’t make me feel the way you do. I mean it Tina. I never thought I’d have a chance with you again and now…”

    Tina walked over and put her hand onto Bette’s face before leaning forward and kissing her lips softly. They both melted into the kiss. Bette moving them over to the sofa, where they both feel, Tina under Bette.

    Bette ran her hands along Tina’s toned legs. Tina moaned as Bette’s lips moved to her neck, Tina’s hands lost in Bette’s hair.

    “I’m so fucking wet.” Tina moaned.

    Bette was shocked by Tina’s words. Tina had never been take control in bed but she knew people changed.

    “Are you?” Bette was breathing hard as she licked Tina’s neck.

    Tina reached down and took Bette’s hand and motioned it towards her sweet centre. Bette moaned when she felt how wet she was through her panties.

    Bette pushed Tina’s legs open further.

    “Oh yeah…babe…feel that…” Tina moaned as Bette’s fingers found her clit though her panties.

    “You’re so wet.” Bette whispered. Before pushing Tina’s panties to the side. She pushed two fingers into Tina.

    “Fuck…” Tina yelped as Bette roughly fucked her. Tina’s hips keeping up with Bette’s talented fingers.

    Bette moaned as she fucked Tina. She looked at her, seeing the blush she had missed so much. listening to the moans of Tina.

    “Bette…my clit.” Tina moaned.

    Bette moved her hand making sure she could touch Tina’s g-spot and clit at the same time. Tina held onto Bette as she felt her body reacting to Bette’s touch she knew what was going to happen and she didn’t care. She couldn’t stop her eyes closing and her body was shaking as she came hard. She was chanting Bette’s name. Bette pulled her fingers out and licked her fingers. She wanted more. She wanted everything.

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