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    A Kiss Changes Everything

    “Ti,” Bette whispered.

    Tina’s eyes opened. She pulled Bette into a deep kiss.

    “I need more,” Tina admitted. “I need to taste you,” Tina smiled.

    Bette kissed her before taking her hand and leading her into the bedroom. Bette stripped and got onto the bed. Tina took a look at her. taking in the mocha beauty she had missed. Tina let the dress fall revealing she was braless. She could hear Bette’s breath. Tina removed her panties and crawled up the bed. She pushed Bette’s legs apart and saw how wet Bette was. Tina grinned before kissing Bette’s clit. Watching as Bette feel back moaning. Her fingers in Tina’s hair as Tina sucked on Bette’s clit and licked Bette. she remember this taste. She loved it. She knew how to make Bette come and come hard. She worked her magic and soon Bette was coming into her mouth. Tina licked it up all up before kissing Bette’s stomach and breasts.

    “I’ve missed this,” Tina admitted.”

    “Me, too.”

    Bette pulled Tina to her.

    “Together,” She whispered and Tina knew what she meant. Within seconds they were both making love to each other, there fingers moving together, they were both building to an earth shattering orgasm. They came hard. Looking into each other eyes.

    They lay together, the afterglow of love making fading.

    “I better go,” Tina said softly.

    “This isn’t the end,” Bette said softly

    “No Bette, it’s the beginning of something but I’m not sure what yet.” Tina said as she slipped out of bed and dressed. She turned and kissed Bette lips.

    “You have to decided.” Tina said softly


    “if you want me.” Tina grinned before leaving Bette naked in the middle of the bed.




    Tina let herself into her apartment. She closed the door and lent against the door. she couldn’t believe what had happened. tonight she went out with Brenda and ended up in bed with Bette. She took a deep breath. she went into the bathroom, stripping she got into the shower. she let the water run over her body before she felt her hand between her legs, she rubbed her clit until she came moaning Bette’s. she knew she shouldn’t have done what she did. Bette was still with Jodi but she couldn’t’ help herself. She wanted Bette. she was thinking about her feelings and Bette’s no one else’s.

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