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    A Little Explanation

    “You worked in D.C?” Shane asked, confused?

    “Quantico.” Tina said opening the front door.

    “When I think of Quantico, I think of the FBI because all those shows has-“ Alice trailed off. “Wait…”

    Tina, knowing this is useless, pulls out her credentials out of her front pocket and holds it up to her face.


    “You’re a fucking fed?” Alice screamed.

    Bette just stares at Tina with utter confusion written on her face. She takes the ID from Tina’s hands and studies it up close. She looks back up at Tina with tears in her eyes and she becomes angry.

    Tina grabs the credentials back and looks into Bette’s eyes and seeing the anger. “Did you drink a lot tonight?”

    Shaking her head no she looks into those hazel eyes she thought she knew.

    “Can you drive?”

    Bette nods.

    “Good…I’ll explain on the way. Can you guys watch Angie?”

    “Sure, but I want a full explanation when you get back…” Alice replies still in shock like the rest of them.

    “Grab your keys,” Tina says to her partner as she walks towards Bette’s car without looking back.

    After loading her luggage in the backseat of the car, she goes over to the passenger side and waits for Bette to get in. Knowing this could go either one of three ways, she was a little apprehensive about which way it was going to go. One: Bette wont care… highly unlikely. Two: Bette will be pissed and feel like she has been lied to throughout the entirely of their relationship…likely. Three: Bette would be accepting of it and want to know more about it, yet while simultaneously being pissed…also likely.

    Tina looks up and notices Bette accompanied by Kit walking towards the car. Bette gets in the driver’s seat and sits quietly and waits for Kit to get in the back.

    “Look, I know you’re pissed and I would love to explain why I never talked about my old job or anything about my past…I just don’t exactly know where to start,” Tina whispered.

    Bette turns the keys in the ignition and slowly backs out of the driveway. “You can start from the fucking beginning,” she responds sarcastically.

    Biting her lower lip and glancing in the back to see Kit give her an encouraging nod, Tina looks back over to Bette who is trying to concentrate on the road…her fingers gripping the steering wheel so hard that her knuckles were turning white.


    1. Thanks for the another chapter!

      This Tina has so many different “families” – it’s miracle that she knows whicn “family” where)
      Ok Tina if you don’t know (but like fed you must know) – i tell you what definition for family. Standard psychology tells about a few level of priorities.
      First, most important peoples in human life – spouse/partner and childrens. It’s closest circle, people who always needs to be first and most important priority. It’s family. Closest
      Second – parents and siblings. It’s family too, but another, not so close like first.
      And third – it’s friends, work partners (for cops and etc). It’s not family, it’s friends. They maybe good friends (maybe like Max said in s6 of TLW “framily” – less than family but more than friends), but they still have lowest priority than first two circle.
      It’s standart.
      But if for example, your friends more important for you than your closest circle, spouse and children – you definitely have problem.

      So i still think that Tina needs to think about her priorities.

      • I think it is perfectly acceptable to have different definitions of family.
        For me, family does not have to be blood. Family is a group of people who you love, respect, would risk your life for, do anything for. They are the people who you trust, argue with, have a good time with. It is defined, for me, as commitment and love, having each other’s backs, accepting you for who you are, and never giving up on each other.

        I’d like to think that the group of friends consisting of Bette, Tina, Helena, Alice, Kit and Shane consider themselves family.

        And as Tina said here, she regards these people as family…because they go hand in hand with my definition of family.

        You’ll see Tina’s connection and past with these people as the story continues on.

        Thank you for your review,

        • You can call them all family, it’s your choise, but like i said there is always priorities. For Tina Bette and Agie needs to be two most important peoples on the world.
          But if your Tina think that Bette for her not more important than Helena or others, than i don’t really know why she with Bette.

              • Sure but overall, family is family. I would do anything for the people I regard as family whether I’m closer to them than others. If one carries the characteristics I listed above, you would be part of my family.

                I agree wholeheartedly that Bette is more important to Tina than Helena is, but I still think Tina would do anything to help Helena.

                The next chapter gives a tiny glimpse into Tina and Delia’s backstory, along with some conversations among others.

                Stay tuned!

    2. I absolutely agree with Tina
      Sometimes you want to have a completely new start, that means leaving the past behind

      Family to me means a group of people i love and trust and respect
      There’s friends i feel more like family with than some of my actual family

      PPS :)

    3. Loved how you explained a bit about Tina’s past and why she didn’t tell Bette about it.

      I absolutely agree with your defination about family, for me some friends feel more as family than my real family.

      I hope Bette will be able to take free days to go to DC.

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Hi K:

      Nice chapter, it is getting very interesting, especially the way Tina is managing this situation with Bette and her friends, I like the support she is receiving not only from Bette but from Kit.

      It’s very good that Tina is going to connect her two worlds and link her two families; hope she and Bette won’t be in danger though.

      Because of my personal experience since very young, I agree with Bibi, with you and Silent, a family is the group of people who love and accept us, as we are not necessarily our blood relatives.

      And finally, I think anyone of us has the right to define what family means for each of us, and that, I think, is not written in any book.

      Thank you for the chapter and waiting for the next one.


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