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    A Meeting

    Six Months later,


    Bette stood looking at the gallery has it filled up with press, critics and invited guests. Shane walked up to her,

    “You’re supposed to work the room you know?” Shane laughed, taking another glass of wine from a server.

    “I will, the paintings are selling themselves,” Bette said softly.

    “She’s not going to come you know” Shane knew that her friend was worried that her ex would turn up,

    “Jayne isn’t stupid enough, well I hope she isn’t,”

    “She’s not,”

    Bette looked around the room and saw a blonde, standing to one side, she was looking at a female nude, who was masturbating. Bette was drawn to her, she took her in. The blonde was wearing a lovely red dress and black heels.

    “Go and talk to her Bette,”


    “Instead of looking at her open mouthed, perhaps go and sell her that painting,”

    “Do you know here?”

    “She’s a former actress,”

    “Right,” Bette shook her head and walked over to the blonde, “Hi, I’m Bette Porter,”

    “Tina Kennard,” Tina turned and looked at the owner of the gallery and tried not to gasp. The woman was beautiful. She licked her lips trying to remain calmer. She had known for years she was bi sexual but she had never been with a woman.

    “This piece is stunning,” Bette said looking at the painting, Trying to be distracted from the beauty that was beside her.

    “It is, I think it would look great in my new apartment, I have a space in my bedroom that needs something this good.” Tina said, “How much is this piece?”

    “If you want a copy…”

    “Ms Porter I don’t want a copy, I want the original.”

    “It’s pricey,”

    “Ms Porter aren’t you supposed to sell me the piece?” Tina laughed

    “I’m trying to draw out our conversation.” Bette smiled


    “Well, sorry it’s unprofessional.” Bette pulled herself together, “The piece is $55,000”

    “I can live with that, Do I do the deal with you?”

    “Usually my assistant but I think I will take his one,” Bette reached over and put a red sold dot next too it, “Please come this way,”

    Bette took Tina into her quiet office at the back off the gallery.

    “Do you do all your dealings in here?”

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    1. This is not good….Samuel signing away his rights but still having a say in Tina’s life is not the way its suppose to work. Tina needs some counselling for being in an abusive relationship. Samuel needs to be blocked on her phone.

      Good for Bette….asking Tina out. Let’s see how this works out…

      Thanks for the chapter…..

    2. Tina bought a beautiful painting and was asked out by Bette, she had a wonderful evening.

      Signing away his rights and still has some control over Tina? Tina should go to a advocate and make sure he can’t bother her and Ethan anymore. What a asshole!

      Look forward to the next chapter!

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