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    A new artist direction.

    Tina sat in her studio, drawing. Her iPod playing soft rock music, she was using card to draw on and she had bought a number of frames to frame each piece before she would put them on her website. She had decided to do it as a bidding system with a hidden minimum for them to be sold. Today she was hand drawing the view from her house, the garden and trees, down to the hills that rolled out at the bottom of the land she owned. She was making sure there was a lot of detail in the picture she wanted to make these pieces as perfect as she could. She knew she was going to number each piece and knew there would only be one of each so wanted them to be as detailed and good as she could make them.

    Tina turned when she heard someone walk into the studio,

    “Hi Shane,” Tina smiled at their friend.

    “Hi, How are you?” Shane asked as she stood in the doorway of the studio, knowing that Tina had to invite you in, this was her space,

    “I’m doing good, how are you?”

    “I’m fine, just thought I’d come and see you,”

    “That’s nice, please come in, I can offer you water. We don’t have coffee, It doesn’t do well with my sleep pattern.”

    “It’s okay,” Shane grinned. “You’re drawing again,”

    “I’m making a limited edition set that will be sold, no prints.”


    “Yeah it’s a slow start back to normal.”

    “You’re feeling a lot better then?” Shane asked,

    “Yeah, well, having a massive seizure because I wasn’t really looking after yourself makes you make some changes.” Tina admitted. “I’ve barely done anything but rest in the last month thanks to Bette.”

    “She was very worried about you,”

    “I didn’t mean to panic any of you. I didn’t. I have baggage,”

    “Don’t we all,” Shane said, “I was a foster kid who bounced from home to home. no one wants a gay kid.”

    “That’s not true, you just didn’t find your forever family,” Tina said smiling softly.

    “You have a point there,”

    “Glad I make some sense,”

    “Only sometimes,” Shane laughed.

    “Oh thanks,” Tina grinned at her friend.

    “Would you like to stay for dinner?”

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    1. I love this story. It is not surprising that Tina would create a work based on fire. She lost everything: the safety and history of the family home, the pride of all of her art work, and the security she had felt in her supposed best friend. Now she has Bette and her forever love. And she has Shane who is such a dear friend. Maybe she will give Shane the artwork she decided not to use. Tina is a smart cookie regarding her business. Even mentions that Bette had not paid for the art work in the studio. That made me chuckle. Tina is getting stronger physically and emotionally. This process may help her expel some demons.

    2. Tina is getting better. She spent the day in her studio and welcomed a visit from Shane. Shane is a true friend indeed.

      So Bette has decided that she and Tina should have children. That is wonderful. I know that Tina is happy in that it really hasn’t taken Bette long to come to that decision. They have only been married for a couple of months and Bette’s announcement that she is ready to start the process as soon as Tina is physically ready. That means that they could have a child within a couple of years.

      I really like this story. I wonder what the paintings will show. I wonder if they will help Tina with her shyness and how she lives her life. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the way Tina conducts her life as long as it does not limit the life style she and Bette want to live. If either of them feel they are limited, then it is a problem which needs to be addressed. Perhaps the expression of her feelings through her artwork will allow her to realize and excise some of those feelings. I have a feeling that Tina may not be aware of the source of her behavior and therefore she hasn’t found a way to express those feelings except through the her behavior. I actually admire Bette in that she accepts Tina as she is and has not tried to change her just to meet some social expectations. It shows just how much Bette truly loves Tina.

      Thanks for this chapter…. love to see more.

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