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    A New Family

    Tina lay on the bed, her laptop on her knee as she sent out the delayed emailed. The sale of her paintings was going to be delayed. She couldn’t bring herself to see the painting yet. She couldn’t give the sale her full attention. She looked over at her son sleeping, he needed her full attention right now. Once the delayed until further notice had gone out she closed her laptop and lay back, closing her eyes. She just needed a few minutes rest. Bette had gone to get them food. She hadn’t thought that her son would arrive so quickly. She was just glad that he was okay. She could her cell phone pinging with emails and messages not that she cared. She just wanted a few moments. She heard the door of the room,

    “Ms Kennard,” It was Kelsey one of the nurses who was looking after their son.

    “Hey,” Tina opened her eyes.

    “I’m sorry I don’t want to wake you. I just need to do some checks on Xavier,”

    “Its fine,” Tina smiled as the nurse checked her son, making sure he was comfortable. “How is he?”

    “He is doing brilliantly, he is strong. I’m going to speak to the doctor. I think he will do better if he has more contact with you.”

    “I can’t wait to hold him.” Tina admitted.”

    “That’s natural. Let me just go and speak to Dr Wilson.”

    “Okay,” Kelsey left the room and Tina lay looking at her son, his skin the same rich brown as Bette’s. His was tiny and she just never knew that she could feel the overwhelming love she did for her son.

    Dr Wilson walked into the room. She smiled. As she checked Xavier, Slowly she picked him up, and passed him to Tina. Tina rested him onto her chest. He settled right away. She kissed the top of is head.

    She smiled looking as Bette walked in with their food. Bette grinned as she watched Dr Wilson and Kelsey moving equipment to ensure that Tina could hold her son, who was breathing find on his own. He was tiny.

    “Now that is the greatest sight in the world,” Bette laughed, as she put their food down onto the chair and took out her phone, taking a few photos, and putting them into the group chat with Shane, Dana and Alice.

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    1. Beautiful chapter!

      Don’t worry about the delay, as long you will update when you have the time!

      I can’t wait for Bette to take her family home, so they can start a new chapter in their life.

      Please get rid of Kelly, i would love to kick her ass to the other side of the earth. She annoyed me in the serie but now too. Go get back where you came from. Bette is completely devoted to Tina and Xavier.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Sweet, Sweet chapter…. glad Tina delayed her sale of her art work.

      Tina is very astute to see that Kelly wants Bette. Now let’s see what Bette is going to do to make Kelly back off.

      Hope things go well for both Tina and Xavier and they can go home with Bette soon.

      Thank you for this chapter…. write when you can…

    3. Figures that Tina had to flat out tell Bette that she looks like “Bette chops” in Kelly’s eyes!! Bette has always felt like she controlled whether to accept or reject admirers, and has a blind spot to the schemes of the Kellys in the world.

      Feel like because Tina is introverted and quiet, peeps underestimate her intuitiveness. She has a good sense “why” some pretend to “love her art” vs the ones that think their going easily steal from her. She has a great business mind and no doubt, has without fanfare, studied people who come into her space.

    4. Great chapter. Beautiful moments when Tina was holding Xavier, and when Bette held him. But the best line was “She can take a long walk of a short pier.” Tina knows what’s up. I don’t like Kelly…

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