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    A New Plan

    Bette had had a very long day at the gallery the artist she was currently working was giving her a massive headache. He wanted things his way and his way only. He had threaten to not even show his work today because of the way the Bette would like to show the pieces. She closed the front door and lent against it taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. She had always felt safe the moment she came home, it was like the stress just drifted away. She opened her eyes and smiled. Tina was looking at her from the kitchen table, a pencil behind her ear.

    “Are you okay baby?” Tina asked,

    “Just one of those days.” Bette said, putting her bag down onto the chair near the door.

    “Bad?” Tina asked, getting up, she walked over to Bette and gently pushed her hair behind her ear,

    “Michael is hard work,”

    “Agh, throwing his toys out of the pushchair is he?” Tina asked as she walked back into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of wine. She poured them both a glass of wine and passed it to Bette.

    “Thank you,” Bette took a sip before looking at the document “What is this?”

    “Erm, well, I need to do something with the land, the insurance money is there. I thought I would try my hand at designing my own place.” Tina said slowly. she was slightly embarrassed. By it. She didn’t want to come across as crazy.

    Bette put her wine down and looked at the drawings, Tina wasn’t just a very talented painter, her drawings were amazing. The plan was well thought out.

    “Would you want to move back here?” Bette asked,

    “I miss the quiet. I love it here. I do, but LA is noisy, I miss being able to sit and listen to the silence. I sound horrible, ungrateful for the fact you’ve given me a home, a life. I’m sorry.”

    “Ti, listen to me.  I love you, God if I could I’d marry you. I understand you’re a private person. You don’t want to be in the middle of the West Hollywood gossip machines. You can fully design a house you want. Have the space that you want.”

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    1. Wow, Bette really is smitten. She is willing to give up her designer home and help design another one with Tina. That is amazing. Its sweet that Tina is reduced to tears that Bette is willing to move or do whatever to make Tina happy. I also like that Bette has made it evident that she would like a hand in the design so that it will meet both of their needs. This is a major decision for a couple to decide they will acquire and move into a new home. Of course, Tina is really still not convinced that they are a couple. This will go a ways in convincing her I’m sure.

      I like how this story is developing. Keep it coming….

    2. Bette is totally in love with Tina.

      She is willing to give up her home to move with Tina out of LA. And Tina, still so shy and moved to tears that’s Bette wants to move for her and share a house.

      With help from Bette’s friend they will build a home where they can enjoy being in a relationship and maybe one day raise a few kids.

      Wonderful story!

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