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    A New Start

    The White House

    The Presidential Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina moved around the large kitchen. She wasn’t used to being here. They had only been here for a week now and it was starting to feel like home, however only when they had brought some of their own things. They knew they would be here for four years perhaps eight and she wanted to enjoy living here. Right now she knew her wife was downstairs in a security briefing. Tina was making their dinner. Hoping that her wife would be home in time. They were both slowly adjusting to their new rules. She was now the First Lady of the United States. She had her own offices, her own staff and her own agender that was there to be in line with the Presidents.

    Tina heard the front door open and close. She waited as the door to the kitchen opened and her wife appeared pulling her shirt out of her pants. Her hair was pulled back, at the nape her neck. She removed her jacket putting it onto the back of a chair.

    “Hey Madam President how was your day?” Tina asked as she poured her wife a glass of wine.

    “Filled with meetings about my and our safety.” Bette said “Thank you,” She took the glass and took a long drink.

    “Yeah that sounds like my day too,” Tina admitted, she’d spent over two hours with the head of her security detail.

    Bette took a sip of her wine before putting the glass to one side and kissing her wife hello,

    “Mmm, you taste good,” Bette wiggled her eyebrows,

    “Well you know how to make a woman feel amazing,” Tina laughed as she turned and started putting their warm chicken wraps together, putting the freshly made grilled chicken, salad and homemade sauce onto them.

    “I have a way with the ladies you know,”

    “Who said that?”

    “Johnson, he said it to someone working for the New York Post.”

    “He is a asshole.”

    “Yeah he didn’t like losing to a bi-racial lesbian.”

    “It might have more to you being a bi-racial woman than being a lesbian,” Tina replied.

    “He doesn’t like homosexual’s Ti,”

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    1. I love this story!

      President Porter and the First Lady of the United States! They make a good pair!

      The former president is a prick and his jabs at Bette will get him nowhere.

      Letting loose Alice in the White House, that is a sight i want to see!

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Enjoying the story and that they are working to preserve the specials things in their relationship. Especially as there are so many snide remarks. They need that anchor. Also like the social media at the end. Very clever.

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