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    A not so normal Date

    Tina looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a clinging purple dress, it clung to her ever curve. She slipped her feet into an expensive pair of heels. She knew she looked good. Her hair up and out of face. Natural make up covering her face. She picked up purse as there was a knock on the door. Tina smiled when she opened the door and saw Bette stood there in a little black number.

    “Hello Tina you look stunning,” Bette said, looking Tina up and down and licked her lips.

    “Hi, erm thank you, you too, “Tina replied as she  picked up her purse and closed the door to her apartment,

    “I have a car waiting for us,” Bette said,

    Tina knew that Bette was take charge in life as well as the bedroom and she rather enjoyed the way the mocha skinned woman was looking at her.

    “Where are we going?” Tina asked as she followed Bette down to the main road where a town car was waiting for them.

    “To an exclusive members only club were we can talk,” Bette said as she opened the door and Tina got into the car, moving around she got into the other side and indicated for the driver to go.

    “How many clubs are you a member off?” Tina asked confused,

    “Four and they are all rather erm, ‘adult’ clubs shall we say, tonight’s club is for dinner.”

    “Are they all BDSM clubs?” Tina asked bluntly.

    “Yes,” Bette replied without a hint of embarrassment.

    Tina nodded,


    “The club this evening is on many floor we will be dinning and we can talk and then if you wish we can explore,”

    “If I wish?” Tina said slowly


    Tina nodded again she was overwhelmed. She had never been so sexually attracted to someone as she was to Bette, she folded her hand into her lap as they moved through the streets of Manhattan, they turned off and arrived at the club. Bette got out of the car and walked around opening the door for Tina.

    Bette protectively put her hand in the centre of Tina’s back, guiding her towards the club door where they were met by a woman dressed in a tight fitting leather dress, eight inch heels and too much make up.

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    1. Very good that Bette has indicated what she expects from this relationship and that she only wants Tina as a partner and that Tina wants that too. That they have a real relationship with each other on every level.

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