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    A Painful Start

    Eighteen Months Early


    A beach in San Diego




    The ocean lapped at her bare feet as she stood on the golden sand, she was looking out at the sky melting into the ocean. She could feel the eyes on her but she didn’t want to move. Her hands were shaking slightly, even the one that was gripping her cane in her right hand. Her weight was mainly on the cane. Ever since the innocent she knew she was lucky to be alive. She took a deep breath, as someone moved behind her.

    “Madam President we need to leave shortly,” a member of her detail came to her.

    She simply nodded. Knowing that she had to face the press who were on the main road, she could hear them off in the distance. She turned slowly and looked at a member of her detail who was picking up her shoes.

    “I can’t put them back on standing, Denis,” she said softly.

    “It’s fine, you can put them back on in the car,”

    She smiled at nodded. Walking very slowly up the beach back to the car which had been turned in a way that she could get in directly from the beach, the press were yelling at her but she didn’t have the energy to talk to them or even wave.

    The last six weeks had been hell. She slowly got into the car, letting two of her staff helped her in. she sat down and put her cane to one side. She rested her head back as the door was shut and the Detail piled into their seats.

    The car sped through the streets of San Diego to the airfield were Air Force One was waiting. They were heading back to Washington. She could see the press cars following them. she shook her head.

    “Are you okay Ma’am?” Denis asked

    “The press are following us, I just want to go home,”

    “We are trying to keep them away, but you’ve been out of action since…”

    “I know Denis, I know,” She said softly. She didn’t want to talk about it. She never wanted to talk about it.

    “We are nearly to the airfield Ma’am,”

    “Good,” She knew she needed rest. She took a deep breath.

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    1. Thank you for continuing to post thru tough times. We really appreciate the time and effort you and all the writers donate to this site. There is a present time feeling to this story. Sadness will soon be brightened by a beautiful blonde I hope. Great start!

    2. I am very glad to see another post by you. I have not read it yet, but I know it will be as good or better than all the rest. Self-care is very important. Please do not worry about your demanding fans we love your fabulous writing and will still be here whenever you decide to give us some of your brilliance. Keep yourself well and safe. I would love to continue to see new posts, but your health and safety always come first. I send you strength and safety, be well.

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