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    A rumour

    Press Article.

    Online New source


    Sources are indicating that the recently married President Elizabeth Porter, 45 and First Lady Tina Kennard, 30 are about to start a family together.

    The couple who have to make regularly hospital appointment due to the President’s ongoing medical concerns were seen a Dr Rosia Wilson’s office. Wilson is an expert in fertility treatments. It is unclear if the couple are looking to carry a child themselves or pay someone to carry the child.

    President Porter has never really been drawn on the subject of children. Her late wife Victoria was six years older than the President and had said that children was not on the cards for them. once stating ”Elizabeth and I are at the age where we cannot give a child a good life. Our age will get in the way.”

    Kennard and Porter married recently in a private wedding at their home in New Hampshire.

    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia


    ”Ben?” Bette asked reading the memo on her desk,

    ”Yes Ma’am,”

    ”Is it a slow news day?”

    ”Why do you ask?” Ben asked coming fully into the Oval office. And taking in his boss,

    ”Because the press have decided to comment on whether or not Tina and I are expecting a child,”

    ”Are you?”


    ”Expecting a child?” Ben asked slowly.

    ”Not yet,”


    ”Listen, it’s been leaked that Tina and I went to see Dr Wilson last week.”

    ”And you expected news like that to not be leaked,”

    ”I was hoping. Tina and I would like children. We would also like to go through this process privately.”

    ”You’re a very private President. I’d say give it a few days and a celeb somewhere will do something stupid and you and Tina can go around and not be news.”

    ”You’re right.” Bette took a deep breath. ”I don’t want this ruined.”

    ”You think the press will ruin it?”

    ”They have a habit of it. They like to dig up Victoria every five minutes.”

    ”She’s your late wife and you know the press love drama and Victoria was all about the drama.”

    ”She was,” Bette smiled.

    James walked in a carry a bag,

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    1. UK,
      It’s sooo easy to melt into this story bc it’s interesting & different. But, Ill just say it . .
      would b fab to have several MORE pages when posting a chapters.

      Please forgive if my insight on what it takes to create a sentillating story is not up to par.

    2. Just caught up on the last few chapters! Sorry but I’m not one to comment after each chapter, I just want to carry 9n reading !!
      I am loving this story, so different to others I’ve read.
      I love how Tina brings out the natural feelings of Bette. It seems marriage to Victoria was very hard and very different. I love how besotted and devoted they both are to each other whilst being President and Fist Lady.
      I’m interested to see how Tina’s First Lady role will emerge…..
      Can’t wait to read more !

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