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    A small piece of normal

    “Yeah, we need to start moving the pieces into gallery…”  Bette had her phone to her ear as she sat on her Mac in her home office, she as looking at a floor plan of the London Gallery. “Yea…I want the pieces put into place and then photos sent over…yeah I just want to approve them…no no I understand, how long before the pieces are in place…right and the Francis is okay with this?…right…not happy that I’m not there. Well that’s not going to change any time soon…well you’re very good at your job I’m sure that you’ll be fine…yes…as long as the biggest piece goes on the bare brick wall at the back it will be fine…yeah, that’s all good…well send the photos when you can…sure…thank you Sara…yes…bye…”

    Bette put the phone down. She rubbed her head before making some notes on the London file and then clicking off to check in on her Gallery in Paris. She needed to get some work done, for some sense of normality. She knew that Xavier was safe with the nurse she had hired. Xavier needed as much care as he could get and it also meant that Bette could work and see Tina. She just wished that her life had become so complex. Her phone rang and she looked a the caller ID which was private number.

    “Hello Bette Porter speaking” Bette said slowly.

    “Hi,” Tina’s voice came down the line,

    “Hey baby, are you okay?”

    “I was missing you and they said I could call, sorry are you busy?” Tina was nervous.  She knew that Bette still had to work.

    “It’s fine baby, how are you doing today?”

    “I just wanted to hear your voice,” Tina admitted.

    “I love you Tina.”

    “I love you too,” Bette replied,

    “How is Xavier?” Tina asked

    “He is doing great, he has gained 2pounds and is slowly become more aware. Michelle is with him at the moment,”

    “Who is Michelle?”

    “She’s one of the team of four nurses that I’ve hired to help me out. Xavier needs a lot of care baby. They are just helping,”

    “I should be there.”

    Bette could hear the tears in her wife’s voice.

    “Baby you’re recovering and getting the best help…”

    “But my son…”

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    1. Excellent post. Good that Bette has very competent gallery teams in place. But yes, they do need the presence of their boss. So glad Bette is getting the help she needs for Xavier as she is juggling so much on her own. Xavier is growing and putting on weight. This is very good news. There is every reason to believe he will be fine. By the time my son started school he had pretty much caught up in every growth and cognitive category and had very minimal effects of his prematurity other than eyesight and some issues with his hip alignment. By the time he was in middle school he was running track. Now he is over 6 feet tall. Xavier will get there. I hope Bette is taking care of herself as well. Eat and sleep Bette. You are doing well!! My heart breaks for Tina and for Bette. Tina is taking on so much misplaced guilt. She needs to know that her body did not reject Xavier. That’s not how it works. But Tina does have some underlying health issues that do need to be addressed. It is such a positive that Tina misses Xavier and regards him as a blessing. And yes, life is going on outside of the hospital environment. That cannot be changed. But Tina is mightily connected to her son and to Bette and vice versa and knowing that she is loved is so important to her recovery. Good that she called Bette and Bette is going – with Xavier. Tina is going to need to be healthy and strong to be there for her son. And she is going to have to accept that even when she is back home, depending upon how he is doing, she may not be able to care for him alone. They all have a long road ahead – together.

    2. Excellent post. So glad that Bette has a competent team of gallery managers but not surprised that they expect their boss to be a presence. Bette has a lot on her plate and seems a touch frightened and overwhelmed. Good that she has a nursing team in place for Xavier. It is understanding that she is scared and concerned. He is gaining weight. There is every reason to believe he will eventually be fine. By the time my son started school he had physically and cognitively caught up to other kids his age. He had minimal problems other than eyesight and some hip rotation issues. By the time he was in middle school he was running track. Now he is over 6 feet tall. Xavier will get there. Bette needs to continue to take care of herself as well. Eat and sleep. My heart breaks for Tina. She is carrying around so much misplaced guilt about Xavier. Her body did not reject him. It does not work like that. Although she does have some underlying health issues that need to be addressed. That she so adores and considers her son a blessing is such a positive. But Tina is frightened and clearly afraid of losing Bette. Bette and Xavier love her so very much and she needs to believe that. Still – life is happening both outside and inside of the hospital. Tina needs to accept that right now both she and Xavier need special care. Even when she goes home, Xavier may still need that care. Tina will have to accept that. Glad that Tina called Bette and Bette is going and taking Xavier. “I’ve never had so much love in my life. I’ve never felt so much love in my life.” That’s right Tina. Focus on that. This is certainly not easy. One day at a time for all.

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