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    A Waiting Game

    Shane walked into the waiting room carrying two coffees and some sandwiches from a deli she had found on the way. She knew that Bette wouldn’t have eaten yet. Bette was sat in the corner looking out of the window of the hospital. Shane walked over and put the coffees and sandwiches on the table next to Bette. before moving a seat to sit in front of her friend.

    “How long has she been in surgery?” Shane asked.

    “About an hour, they don’t’ know how long it’s going to take, I’ve called Kit, she’s decided to stay with the kids, they shouldn’t be here right now.”

    “No I’ll stay with you, I think Alice is coming by when she finishes filming.”


    “I brought you coffee and sandwich, made sure it’s a cold sandwich in case you didn’t want it now.”

    “Thank you Shane,”

    “Its fine, what’s going on?”

    “Well I spoke with Dr Wilson after they put Tina under, its not simple. Tina has a tumour its resting between her spine and her skull. It’s well hidden but could be the course of a lot of her stuff. When we got to Yellowstone she was tried but her usual self. She was relaxed for once. Her body just gave up on her. it’s like it’s had enough. We made love, she took her meds and went for a shower while I made us some food, within about ten minutes she was passed out in my arms.”

    “She’s strong,”

    “Stronger than we all give her credit for,” Bette said softly.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Her father beat her. her mother didn’t stop him. They were both cheaters who died in a car accident more than likely fighting over the fact that her father wanted to leave. Her best friend ‘loved’ her too hard and tried to kill her when she started a relationship with me. Every day she copes with mental health issues which she tries to hide from the world. even me. I know she has voices in her head telling her she’s worthless. She’s a talented artist. She is a brilliant mother. She’s a strong woman.”

    “And wife?” Shane asked, smiling softly.

    “She’s the best wife. she’s my best friend. She knows me completely and I know her. she doesn’t judge me or look at my past. She knows I was a player. She knows I was an ass. I love her completely Shane.” Bette said picking up her coffee.

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    1. Wow… didn’t expect that. Tina having a tumor at the base of her brain. Hope she does well.

      Nice summary of the story in Bette’s conversation with Shane.

      Tina sure is have a streak of bad luck…. I hope this surgery does some good for her. Maybe it will help with her mental illness.

      Thanks for the chapter.

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