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    A Waiting Game

    “She loves you. she’s a good friend. I love talking to her. she makes me laugh.”

    “You were one of the view that took to her right away.”

    “She gets lost in our conversation. Too much going on. Her brain can’t cope with that. I get that. It was a bit much for me at first but I learnt to deal with it. I don’t think Tina ever will.”

    “No, you could be right. I think Claire’s friendship ruined her.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Claire wanted to be with Tina. Tina knew she was gay from early on. I was just her first.”

    “You were Tina’s first?”

    “Yeah I was, in New York. I took her there and we made love for the first time and then Claire burnt her house down. Every time we go away something happens. I think we should stay away from vacations.” Bette laughed softly.

    “at least her first time was in the best city,”

    “Yeah we had a great time. She’s my world. even at her lowest. I remember laying with her after our first time, just holding her. I knew I was lost to her then.”

    “Did you ever see yourself falling in love with her?”

    “No, not really. I was drawn to her. from the first moment I meet her in the studio. But it was the best thing in the world. falling in love is a wonderful feeling.”

    “She loves you deeply Bette.”

    “I know, I’m proud to be her wife. I mean it Shane. She’s amazing. She has these internal battles going on, and she still gets out of bed, does a full days work, plays with Xavier, feeds Angie. Makes time for me. There is something amazing about her. I love her. I really love her.”

    “We all see that, you moved out of LA to be with her,”

    “IT’s the only place she finds peace the city is too noisy for her.”

    “I can understand that, I love you place, the peace is amazing,”

    “That’s why I love it.”

    “You should came over more often.”

    “I’m looking at a place near there,”


    “Yeah it’s a small cottage but I’m thinking of going for it. I see how at peace you and Tina are, your kids are happy. That means a lot. I used to see you as the Player Porter. We all did. You took woman and woman home and then Tina comes along and changes everything. I’ve never seen you so in love even when you dated Jodi, you weren’t this in love.”

    “Tina is different. She’s my world. I just want her to get through this hell.”

    “Together you will, and we will all be there.”

    “You’re our chosen family you know that,”

    “We do.” Shane grinned. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

    “Me neither. Me neither,”




    Bette looked around the small waiting room, it had been nearly nine hours since Tina had been taken into surgery and so far there had been no word. Bette knew in heart that no news was good news but she was starting to get tense. She wanted to see her wife. she wanted this hell to be over. The door opened and Bette looked at a male doctor who walked in.

    “I’m looking for the wife of Ms Tina Kennard,”

    “That’s me,”

    “Hi I’m Dr Mack Waterman, I’ve  just operated on your wife,”

    “How is she?”

    “She’s doing remarkably well. We have removed most of the tumour we couldn’t remove all of it because it is fused to her spine and we don’t want to upset that area. The tumour is at the lab. Tina has been moved to ICU where you will be able to see her shortly. It’s going to be next of kin only for now, until we move her into her room again.”

    “How long before we get the results?”

    “We’ve put a rush on them due to your up front payment.”

    “Tina’s up front payment,” Bette replied.

    “Yea sorry, erm well. We should know in a couple of hours.”

    “Thank you, erm can you take me to her now,”

    “Sure please follow me.”

    Bette followed the doctor to Tina’s private ICU room. She walked over to her wife who had a massive dressing on her neck. She looked uncomfortable. Bette moved the pillows softly, knowing how Tina liked them. Right now it was all just a waiting game.

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    1. Wow… didn’t expect that. Tina having a tumor at the base of her brain. Hope she does well.

      Nice summary of the story in Bette’s conversation with Shane.

      Tina sure is have a streak of bad luck…. I hope this surgery does some good for her. Maybe it will help with her mental illness.

      Thanks for the chapter.

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