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    Ambivalence—Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    —New York City—Global Press—present day

    The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as the sound of keyboards being furiously battered resonated throughout the entire office floor.  Cubicles filled every square inch with pathways leading to the elevators, break room, exit stairwell, the editor’s office and finally, the conference room, where daily assignments and briefings were currently taking place.

    “…..So Bette I am going to assign this story to you” the man said pushing the folder across the table which stopped right in front of her

    “But sir!” she spoke up from the other end of the table.

    “I’m pulling you off the Salvatore story….And I want our new investigative journalist Tina Kennard to assist you on this new story” the man continued as all eyes turned to the blonde sitting three chairs to the right of Bette.

    Bette frowned

    “What? Mr. Hartley…..Why?…You can’t pull me off that story..I’m this close to blowing  that whole thing wide open..You can’t pull me off of it now for me to take some investment firm fraud case..”she pauses as she looks at the file and gasp “in France?..Are you serious”

    “Bette this is non negotiable..I’m killing the Salvatore story and that’s final..And I want Ms Kennard on this case with you…Do you have a problem with that Miss Porter?”

    Silence fell in the room as Bette chewed intently on her bottom lip

    “No sir” Bette answered dejectedly

    “Well then good…With that settled make sure you have your assignments on my desk by 11pm Thursday for editing….Miss Porter and Miss Kennard please go to Accounting to pick up your travel documents and itinerary for your trip…Any questions?”

    No response as Tina glanced quickly over at Bette

    “Alright now get to work!” Hartley belted before grabbing his folders and heading out of the conference room.

    Mumbling sounds and groans resonated around the room as it emptied out..Bette stopped behind Tina who was still sitting in her seat seemingly anticipating Bette’s move.

    “What are you even doing here?” Bette hisses in Tina’s ear

    Tina turns from her binder looking up and taking in Bette’s scowled face and scoffs

    “Well…Hello to you too”

    “Cut the act and answer my question?”

    “It’s called a job Bette.  Besides it’s the best paying investigative journalist job in the city as you well know”

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    1. Gr8 story line! Wonder who Tia’s Boss is investigating? I pray it’s NOT Bette!!!!

      Nothing like shipping off to Paris wthe Ex!!! Woner where Tibette was when Tina left her Dear Jane letter?

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