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    Ambivalence—Chapter 1

    Bette stares at her coldly

    “Tina why in the hell would you choose to work here knowing I am here?”

    “Bette…I…..” Tina  paused pushing her chair back and standing to face Bette “I just..” she began but stopped which led to a brief stare down between the two women.  Bette had enough and finally spoke.

    “Look..I don’t really care…Since we have to work on this case together then let’s just put our personal feelings aside….Strictly work and tell no one of our previous history”

    Tina throws up her hands in defeat

    “Fine…I thought that maybe after all this time you might be somewhat happy to see me” she says trying to sound sarcastic but failed to make it seem that way. The truth of the matter was Tina was happy to see the scowling brunette in front of her again

    “Happy?….Are you fucking kidding me?…As far as I am concerned you can go fuck yourself ” Bette hisses as she makes her way out of the conference room.

    Tina shakes her head and sighs knowing that went about as well as she had expected.  She waited a second gathering her composure before taking out her cellphone and dialing a number

    “It’s me…I’m in”

    “Good” the voice on the other end replies

    “Good?..How is this good?..My ex girlfriend is here..But you knew that didn’t you?..You might as well have thrown me in the lions den..It would have hurt less”

    “Minor technicality” the voice answers as Tina scoffs and pauses as realization sets in

    “Of course..That’s why you kept her identity a secret until I got here because you knew I wouldn’t take this mission if I knew it involved her”

    “Yes and you are our best agent and we need you on this.  We have made arrangements to have Harris assist you”

    “Are you serious?…How do you expect me to work with her when she hates my fucking guts” Tina says trying to keep her voice low and watching the hallway to see if anyone was close by “And Harris really?…He barely passed the PT test”

    “You will find a way..And Harris is not there for his field skills…He is there for intel and system infiltration”

    Tina sighs “So why not get someone else..Why me?..I refuse to do this”

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    1. Gr8 story line! Wonder who Tia’s Boss is investigating? I pray it’s NOT Bette!!!!

      Nothing like shipping off to Paris wthe Ex!!! Woner where Tibette was when Tina left her Dear Jane letter?

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