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    Ambivalence—Chapter 1

    “It’s too late… Details of your mission from this moment forward will be given at our next rendezvous”


    “We will debrief at our same time and location”

    “But-“ Tina begins as the person ends the call “Great Kennard..How are you going to get her to even trust you” she mumbled to herself and sighs

    “Are you going to hang out in here all day and waste my time or are we going to look over this assignment?”

    Tina jumps and sees Bette standing in the doorway arms folded looking pissed off but still as beautiful as ever.

    “Oh yeah..Sorry…I was talking to Mom..She was excited I got this job..She wanted me to tell you hello” Tina smiles which quickly turns into a frown when Bette glares at her.

    “Well tell her hello” Bette replied in a softened tone and Tina swore she saw Bette’s upper lip slightly curl into a smile..But it was just a moment as her eyes quickly narrowed “Dont take that as us being on friendly terms because that won’t happen….Our conversations stay strictly work”

    Tina nods “I understand”

    “Good..Let’s go..We have wasted enough time”

    Tina nods and watches Bette turn and head down the hall.  She’s sighs as she starts out of the room behind her and follows her until they get to their work stations which Tina realizes hers is directly across from Bette’s.

    She sets her purse down and glances over to see Bette gathering files as her eyes land on a framed picture that contained a picture of Bette standing behind another woman and her arms wrapped around the woman’s waist smiling.  Both smiling happily at the camera

    Although it had been 5 years since Tina was forced to end their relationship and that long since she had seen the brunette it still stung to see her being with another woman in that way. She only hoped Bette was happy as she knew she had caused her so much pain

    “I have all the files here..Before we get started. I think we need to go to Accounting as Hartley said” Bette said calmly with no anger detected in her tone as she looked over at Tina who was staring at the picture.

    Bette sighed “Tina?..Did you hear me?”

    Tina flinched and shifted her eyes at Bette and nodded

    “Yeah..Sorry” Tina replied as neither dropped their gaze from the other until Bette’s cellphone ringing in her pocket caused them both to come out of whatever reverie they were having

    “Let me get that” Bette says pulling out her phone “Hello” she says stepping away from the desk out of Tina’s earshot but can see Tina opening the file and begin looking over it.

    “Val you are not going to believe who is working here and paired with me on an assignment”



    There is a brief silence as Bette watches Tina continue to look through the file

    “Wait?..Tina?..As in your ex Tina?”

    “Yes..And I swear Val when I saw her walk into the conference room I felt all that hurt and anger rush back..I’ve moved on and I’m with you now so why am so angry”

    “Well” Val sighs “You never got closure with her..She left you a Dear Jane letter and disappeared…And Bette? You know you have not fully moved on.  Maybe now you can get the closure that you need…There had to be a reason she did what she did”

    Bette sighs as her eyes stay fixed on Tina  “Maybe..I just don’t want to hear it..I told her our conversations will stay strictly professional and not personal..Anyway I better go..I will see you later tonight..We are going have to talk about me going to France with her on this assignment”

    Val sighs “Ok babe..I’ll bring home a bottle of wine..I know we will need it”

    Bette chuckles “Bring home two” she says ending the call and sighs

    “Damn you Tina..Just when I had finally felt strong enough to move on with Val you fucking reappear in my life.  I will not let you break me again” she mumbles to herself as she makes her way back to the woman that had shattered her heart into a million pieces


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    1. Gr8 story line! Wonder who Tia’s Boss is investigating? I pray it’s NOT Bette!!!!

      Nothing like shipping off to Paris wthe Ex!!! Woner where Tibette was when Tina left her Dear Jane letter?

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