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    An Evening

    Tina opened the balcony doors and walked out as the sun was low in the sky. She took a sip of her wine, thinking back to the evening with Bette. it was all she could think about now. She had loved Bette for so long and she hated that their relationship had fallen apart. She wanted her back but wasn’t sure they were going about it the right way. She didn’t want to break a couple up, she didn’t want to be the other woman. The last thing she wanted was to be gossiped about.

    She took another sip of wine and took in the view of the ocean. She loved that her apartment overlooked the ocean. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She opened her eyes as the doorbell rang out.

    She put the glass of wine down on the table outside and went and answered the door. she smiled when she saw Bette stood there, wearing her business outfit.


    “Hi,” Tina said softly.

    “Can I come in?”

    “Sure,” Tina moved and let Bette in, Tina followed Bette into her large living area. “Can I get you a drink?”

    “What are you having?”

    “I’ve got a glass of wine,”

    “Wine would be good,” Bette replied.

    Tina poured her a glass went back out onto the balcony. She looked back out onto the ocean.

    Bette watched her, taking in the woman she loved. The only woman she had loved. Since that night at She-bar she’d only thought about Tina. It was like when they have first meet ten years before. Bette took a drink of her wine before placing the glass onto Tina’s lovely counter top and walking out onto the balcony. It was like she couldn’t stop herself. She reached out and took Tina’s perfect ass into her hands. She was a lot more toned that she had been when they had been together. she knew that Tina had taken up running again and she went to the gym before work every morning. She heard Tina’s intake of breath before she moved away. Tina turned, leaning the rail and Bette saw the passion and love in the eyes of this woman. it felt right. Bette moved into her personal space.

    “Did you come here just to feel up my ass.”

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    1. Tina was right in asking Bette to make a choice, she doesn’t want to be the another woman. And Bette did the right thing, breaking up with Jodi who was so fine with it, she knew all along where Bette’s heart was.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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