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    An Eye Opened Experience

    They walked fully into the room, Tina turned and closed the door. She smiled. Taking a deep breath before she turned back looking at Bette with a serious look.

    “Strip and kneel.” Tina pointed to the bottom of the bed.

    Bette took a deep breath and did as she was asked. Tina walked into the large walk into closet and took off her back and rolled up her sleeves up she walked back into the bedroom and smiled at Bette who was knelt naked at the foot of the bed, her head down.

    “I want you to feel amazing. We are going to start light, and see how this goes.” Tina walked around the room, over to the cabinet next to bathroom door. She took out a paid of leather cuffs. “Put your arms behind your back,”

    Bette did, and noticed her breasts point out. She felt Tina come up behind her and lock the cuffs around her wrist. She took a deep breath, she thought she would tense up, but she didn’t she felt her body relax.

    “How do you feel?”

    “Green,” Bette whispered.

    Tina moved her hair to one side and licked her neck. Bette moaned softly.

    “Mmm, tonight we will not push your limits, but I’m going to fuck you,”

    “I want this Miss…mistress.” Bette felt overwhelmed.

    “You’re learning.” Tina laughed.

    Tina walked around and saw that Bette had her eyes closed, her nipples were hard.

    “I want you to answer something,”

    “Yes Mistress,”

    “Are you wet for me?”

    “Yes,” Bette’s voice as breathless. “Mistress,”

    Tina reached out and pinched Bette’s nipple, Bette hissed in pleasure and pain at the same time.

    “Mmm, you might be into nipple play, something for us to look into,” Tina grinned.

    Tina helped Bette get onto the bed, her head on the pillows, her ass in the air, Tina walked behind her and slapped her ass, Bette groaned.

    “You enjoying this right now?”

    “Yes mistress,”

    “You do know I’m going light on you right now.”

    “I know,” Bette whispered.

    “Don’t be rude with me Ms Porter,” Tina demanded and she spanked her ass again, making Bette groan. Tina watched as Bette’s ass redden and Bette opened her legs a little more.

    Tina slowly ran her hand down Bette’s spine, watching her shiver. Tina got off the bed and went back into the walk in closet that had most of the toys in. she stripped down to her bra and picked out her favourite harness, she looked around and picked a toy that slipped into her as well as Bette. She put the toy and harness, moaning softly as the plug entered her. She strapped the harness into place and walked back out.

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    1. I am enjoying the story. A lot of high strung people who have control issues get off being submissive during sex. Bette is still an alpha. I think it works and makes more sense than when Tina was the sub.

    2. Loved to see the continuation of this fic. Bette knows this life is not to be publicized so she should not share all the intimate details with Alice who is naturally nosey and has a mouth as big as the Grand Canyon.
      Seems she has already made up her mind about Tina without even meeting her. Other than that I love how this is going so please continue as often as possible.

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