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    An Unexpected Guest

    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    James opened the door to his bosses office and took in his boss, sitting behind a lovely desk which was filled with papers. He didn’t know how Bette worked in such mess when the rest of her lives was so organised.

    “Ma’am,” He said slowly, “You have a visitor,”

    Bette looked up over her glasses,

    “I don’t get visitors James and we both know it,” Bette grinned, as she spoke to her PA, who put up with more than any one person should. Bette was grateful to have him most days.

    “Well okay, there is someone here to see you, they don’t have an appointment but you have a free half an hour.” James reworded himself. Smiling.

    Bette shook her head.

    “Who is it?” Bette said taking off her glasses and crossing her arms.

    “Dr Tina Kennard,”

    Bette raised her eyebrow shocked slightly. She slowly sat back and looked at James.

    “Are you being serious?” Bette asked, she knew that sometimes the staff like to play jokes on her and the last thing she wanted was this to be a joke.

    “Yes, I’m being completely and utterly serious, don’t want to see.” James asked,

    Bette dropped her glasses onto the desk in front of her. She put her hand to her face. It had bene a long time since she had seen Tina. She hadn’t expected to see her again. Even when she was running for President and all the information came out about her cheating on a partner of seven years and Candice coming out of the woodwork to sell her story, Tina had remained silent. She was now six months into her first term of running the country. Shocked that after everything, a bi-racial, homosexual woman had been voted in. Now Tina was here, which meant she had been security checked. She filled out all the paperwork and now she was waiting on her word to come in.

    Bette was silent for a moment, before she looked up and around the Oval Office.

    “Has she been cleared?” Bette asked,

    “Yes, she’s gone through a number of checks. She applied to see you about five weeks ago,”

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