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    An Unexpected guest

    Tina sat on a stool the doors to her studio wide open, her back to the doors, she was silently painting, listening to the sounds of nature and her garden filling her mind as she sat and painted. Her mind had been racing since 5am, after four days of being very ill she was starting to feel a little normal and she had chosen to try and paint and was now lost in the activity. Her hands were moving slowly as she painted a view from Yellowstone, she was putting details into this piece.

    A car pulled up into the drive and Tina frowned when she heard it, checking her watch she could see it was now mid morning. She put her paint brush down and walked out. shocked when she saw Jodi Learner getting out of the ar.

    “Is Bette here?” Jodi asked,

    “Yes but is she expecting you?” Tina asked wiping her hands down her cargo pants.

    “No but she’s not answering my texts, calls or emails and I need to speak with her.”

    Tina shook her head.

    The door to the house opened and Bette walked out, looking stunning as always, wearing a shirt tucked into dress pants. She slipped her hands into her pockets and looked at Jodi,

    “Why are you here?” Bette asked,

    “You are not answering my calls, texts and emails.” Jodi looked at Bette, taking in Bette’s wedding ring, also seeing how relaxed she looked.

    “You’ve been contacting me via my personal channels. James has already advised you that we cannot offer you a personal show,”

    “We?” Jodi asked,

    Tina turned and walked away knowing that this was business, she went back into her studio and went back to painting.

    “Me, the gallery.” Bette said.

    “Your wife has nothing to do with this?” Jodi asked, not noticing that Tina had left the conversation.

    “Why would Tina have anything to do with my galleries?” Bette asked, cocking her head to one side.

    “You gave her a solo show.”

    “I gave Tina a solo show before I married her, even before I started dating her.”

    “I want a solo show,” Jodi demanded.

    Bette laughed.

    “You might want one but my galley will not be offering you one.”

    “Is it because we are ex’s?”

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    1. Jodi – always the lunatic. Something tells me she is lurking about nearby and plotting. Please don’t let her hurt either Bette or Tina. Keep an eye on each other. Jodi is not done! You better give me a solo show now because I demand it. What a nut case.

    2. Oh god Jodi,

      She is a absolute nut case, trying to demand a solo show! For now she is gone but like the others said she will be back.

      Please be careful Tina and Bette, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is going after Tina and try to hurt her in some way.

      Glad to see a update!

    3. I may need to take an online anger management course bc how is it that alpha Bette didn’t make an appearance and tell Jodi to “step off bitch”!!

      And while u’re steppin’, dont EVER come to my home!

      This Jodi has the same sociopathic personality as that chick who bured down Tina’ home/studio.

      Tibette needs to “stay WOKE” bc Jodi is plotting mischief.

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